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distichum L., six-row barley with nonshattering spikes as H. reduce blood glucose response to a meal) for up to 10 hours after consumption compared to white or even whole-grain wheat, which have similar glycemic indices.

Once removed, it is called dehulled barley (or pot barley or scotch barley).

The direct ancestor of modern English "barley" in Old English was the derived adjective bà¦rlic, meaning "of barley". Spikelets are arranged in triplets which alternate along the rachis.

In wild barley (and other Old World species of Hordeum), only the central spikelet is fertile, while the other two are reduced.

This condition is retained in certain cultivars known as two-row barleys.

A pair of mutations (one dominant, the other recessive) result in fertile lateral spikelets to produce six-row barleys.

("low grain nitrogen", usually produced without a late fertilizer application) which shows more uniform germination, needs shorter steeping, and has less protein in the extract that can make beer cloudy. f.) is a form of domesticated barley with an easier-to-remove hull.

Two-row barley is traditionally used in English ale-style beers. Naked barley is an ancient food crop, but a new industry has developed around uses of selected hulless barley to increase the digestible energy of the grain, especially for swine and poultry.Six-row barley is common in some American lager-style beers, especially when adjuncts such as corn and rice are used, whereas two-row malted summer barley is preferred for traditional German beers. In traditional classifications of barley, these morphological differences have led to different forms of barley being classified as different species.Under these classifications, two-rowed barley with shattering spikes (wild barley) is classified as Hordeum spontaneum K. Two-rowed barley with nonshattering spikes is classified as H. hexastichum L.), and six-row with shattering spikes as H. Because these differences were driven by single-gene mutations, coupled with cytological and molecular evidence, most recent classifications treat these forms as a single species, H. According to a 2006 study, eating whole-grain barley can regulate blood sugar (i.e.Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.), a member of the grass family, is a major cereal grain.It was one of the first cultivated grains and is now grown widely.Barley grain is a staple in Tibetan cuisine and was eaten widely by peasants in Medieval Europe.

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