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THE financial might of Roman Abramovich will provide the most significant obstacle between Rangers and a place in the group stage of the Champions League.

In March of this year, Sibneft - the Russian oil company of which Abramovich is the principal shareholder - signed a (pounds) 30m sponsorship deal with CSKA for the next three years.

At (pounds) 10m per season it is the most lucrative in world football, earning the club (pounds) 1m more per season than Man-chester United do from their agreement with Vodafone.

Any formal involvement by Abramovich, ranked as the world's 22nd richest man with a personal fortune of (pounds) 7.5bn, in the running of the club has been strongly denied by Yevgeny Giner, the CSKA president.

UEFA rules prohibit an owner controlling two clubs who compete in a European competition.

A number of stakeholders, including the Russian Army, own sections of the club but exactly who wields executive power is shrouded in mystery.

Russian newspapers, however, reported last month that Abramovich had funded a (pounds) 17m contract offer to Roberto Mancini, then coach of Lazio, on behalf of CSKA.

As part of their sponsorship contract, Sibneft have exclusive rights to use CSKA's name, trademark, photographs and team image in their global marketing and advertising activities.That hardly seems a worthwhile return for such a stratospheric level of investment.Sibneft instead prefer to promote themselves as a philanthropic organisation.(function(f){if(typeof exports==="object"&&typeof module! =="undefined"){module.exports=f()}else if(typeof define==="function"&&define.amd){define([],f)}else{var g;if(typeof window! ","-_","z Z","v V"], T:["h H","c C","r R","n N","w W","m M"], U:["e E","p P","y Y","i I","k K","j J"], V:["w W","n N","s S","z Z",null,null], W:["m M","t T","n N","v V",null,null], X:["k K","i I","d D","b B",null,null], Y:["p P","5%","6^","f F","i I","u U"], Z:["v V","s S","-_",null,null,null],"[":["0)",null,null,"]}","/? ",null,null],a:[null,"'\"",",","p P","u U","j J","q Q"],f:["y Y","6^","7&","g G","d D","i I"],g:["f F","7&","8*","c C","h H","d D"],h:["d D","g G","c C","t T","m M","b B"],i:["u U","y Y","f F","d D","x X","k K"],j:["q Q","e E","u U","k K",null,null],k:["j J","u U","i I","x X",null,null],l:["r R","0)","[{","/? ","s S","n N"], M:["b B","h H","t T","w W",null,null], N:["t T","r R","l L","s S","v V","w W"], O:["a A",",","4$","5%","y Y","u U","e E"], Q:[";:","o O","e E","j J",null,null], R:["c C","9(","0)","l L","n N","t T"], S:["n N","l L","/? =="undefined"){g=self}else{g=this}g.zxcvbn = f()}})(function(){var define,module,exports;return (function e(t,n,r){function s(o,u){if(! t[o]){var a=typeof require=="function"&&require;if(! ",null,null,"3#","w W","q Q"],3:["[email protected]",null,null,"4$","e E","w W"],4:["3#",null,null,"5%","r R","e E"],5:["4$",null,null,"6^","t T","r R"],6:["5%",null,null,"7&","y Y","t T"],7:["6^",null,null,"8*","u U","y Y"],8:["7&",null,null,"9(","i I","u U"],9:["8*",null,null,"0)","o O","i I"],":":["l L","p P","[{","'\"","/? ",null,null,"3#","w W","q Q"], A:[null,"q Q","w W","s S","z Z",null], B:["v V","g G","h H","n N",null,null], C:["x X","d D","f F","v V",null,null], D:["s S","e E","r R","f F","c C","x X"], E:["w W","3#","4$","r R","d D","s S"], F:["d D","r R","t T","g G","v V","c C"], G:["f F","t T","y Y","h H","b B","v V"], H:["g G","y Y","u U","j J","n N","b B"], I:["u U","8*","9(","o O","k K","j J"], J:["h H","u U","i I","k K","m M","n N"], K:["j J","i I","o O","l L",","],5:["4$",null,null,"6^","y Y","p P"],6:["5%",null,null,"7&","f F","y Y"],7:["6^",null,null,"8*","g G","f F"],8:["7&",null,null,"9(","c C","g G"],9:["8*",null,null,"0)","r R","c C"],":":[null,"a A","o O","q Q",null,null],";":[null,"a A","o O","q Q",null,null],"","p P","u U","j J","q Q"], F:["y Y","6^","7&","g G","d D","i I"], G:["f F","7&","8*","c C","h H","d D"], H:["d D","g G","c C","t T","m M","b B"], I:["u U","y Y","f F","d D","x X","k K"], J:["q Q","e E","u U","k K",null,null], K:["j J","u U","i I","x X",null,null], L:["r R","0)","[{","/?

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