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Michael James "Mike" Young is a fictional character from the Australian soap opera Neighbours, played by Guy Pearce.

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Mike departed Erinsborough to be with his mother on 6 December 1989. Mike and his mother, Barbara (Rona Mc Leod; Diana Greentree), lived in fear of being beaten and abused by Mike's father, David (Stewart Faichney), throughout Mike's young life.This meant Mike grew up into a lonely, quiet young man who did not socialise much until he began attending Erinsborough High School and becomes good friends with Charlene Mitchell (Kylie Minogue) and Scott Robinson (Jason Donovan).Through his friendship with Scott, Mike comes to Ramsay Street and befriends Scott's neighbour, Daphne Clarke (Elaine Smith), who cares for him, later giving him a part-time job at her coffee shop.Mike opens up to Daphne and Des (Paul Keane) about his problems at home with his father and Daphne tries to get Mike and Barbara away from David.However, Barbara is too scared of her husband and she does not want to leave, but Mike is determined to go and moves in with Des and Daphne when they offer to become his legal guardians.As they are leading separate lives, Jane and Mike split up amicably and remain friends.

Not long after, Daphne is killed in a car crash and Mike is left feeling guilty as he had not been around for a few weeks.

Mike is angry and upset and he finds the two men who had crashed into Daphne's car. When Mike finishes university, he gets a job teaching Maths at Erinsborough High.

Mike becomes close to one of his students, Jessie Ross (Michelle Kearley), who admits that she has an abusive father too.

Mike briefly dates Scott's cousin Nikki Dennison (Charlene Fenn), but he later falls for Jane Harris (Annie Jones) when she moves in with her grandmother, Nell Mangel (Vivean Gray).

Jane falls for Mike straight away, but it takes a while before Mike realises his feelings due to Jane's plain image.

Helen Daniels (Anne Haddy) and Daphne give her a makeover for a school dance, which consists of replacing her glasses with contacts, a new haircut and makeup. Mrs Mangel is not happy that her granddaughter is dating Mike and when she receives letters about Mike's reputation with other girls, Mrs Mangel stops Jane from seeing him.