Website to check for sexual predators

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Website to check for sexual predators - campus sex site, like any business, can choose whom they want to do business with – and even place requirements on users as a contingency for providing services.But every time a company demands more of our personal data as a contingency for a transaction, we lose a little bit more of our privacy.

(Though California’s Civil Code Section 1747.08 is a rare counter example.) Which means businesses can –and do – take every opportunity to suck up personal data and store it, sometimes indefinitely, in enormous databases, which all too often suffer from data breaches that increase users’ chances of identity theft.Earlier this week, the popular online dating site announced plans to implement a system to check their users against sex offender registries.This comes in the wake of a lawsuit against the company by a woman who says she was assaulted by someone she met through the website.While sexual assault is inexcusable, this would-be solution is deeply’s plan isn’t a good way to catch sexual predators (who could just use fake names), sacrifices user privacy, and sets a troubling precedent for allowing companies to peer into our personal lives and histories before doing business with us.Now, to set the record straight: Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act generally protects from being held liable as a publisher for what users post on the site.

And isn’t responsible for how users act when they aren’t on the site.

But, as we saw with Craigslist last year, sometimes a site under pressure will change their legal policies rather than continue to face public criticism.

There are several glaring flaws with’s plan.

For one, can’t prevent sexual assault by screening for sex offenders.

But even if’s goal is merely to check whether users are on a registered sex offender list, rather than to actually prevent assault, runs into the difficulty that many people who use the site may not use their real names.

And while a portion of’s services require a form of payment, a user looking to conceal her identity might simply use someone else’s credit card to purchase a subscription.

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