Weblogic.jms.common.jmsexception error creating session

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Weblogic.jms.common.jmsexception error creating session - new dating sites tinder hookup

To configure an MDB to automatically delete durable topic subscriptions, set durable-subscription-deletion to True.By default, durable-subscription-deletion is set to False By default it is false and thus it will not clear the durable subscriber automatically.

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Well I'm here to debunk these erroneous claims by pointing out a class in the Spring Framework that was overlooked entirely. The Caching Connection Factory is meant to wrap a JMS provider's connection to provide caching of sessions, connections and producers as well as automatic connection recovery.The Spring was originally designed to be used with a J2EE container where the container provides the necessary pooling of the JMS resources (i.e., connections, consumers and producers). By default, it uses a single session to create many connections and this model works very well with most MOMs.But if you need to scale further, you can also specify the number of sessions to cache using the public class Simple Message Producer { private static final Logger LOG = Logger(Simple Message Producer.class); @Autowired protected Jms Template jms Template; protected int number Of Messages = 100; public void send Messages() throws JMSException { String Builder payload = null; for (int i = 0; i are both very widely used in businesses of all sizes throughout the world.Coupled with one of the Spring message listener containers, they provide an ideal solution.I'll elaborate on message consumption using the Spring Default Message Listener Container and the Simple Message Listener Container in a future blog post.Using java application, I'm trying to create a durable subscription on a jms uniform distributed topic.

The jms server is running on weblogic 10.3.5 and the topic is distributed on 2 servers.

If I'm developping a message driven bean, it's working.

I have a durable subscription on both servers with the same subscription name.

With a standalone java application, I can do the job with a normal topic (not distributed).

But can't manage it to work with distributed topic.

Initial Context ic = new Initial Context(); Topic Connection Factory connection Factory = (Topic Connection Factory) ic.lookup("my Connection Factory"); Topic Connection connection = connection Factory.create Topic Connection(); Client ID("testclient"); Topic Session session = connection.create Topic Session(false, Session.

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