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They unearthed oak cabinet doors that had been removed from the butler’s pantry and kitchen, and returned them to the revamped butler’s pantry.Tucked in a corner were two original marble and porcelain sinks that were restored and returned to bathrooms on the first and third floors.

A small white clawfoot bathtub was sitting outside the carriage house, so they restored it for a third-floor bathroom. That was definitely the case the first time Rich and Pam Green saw photos of the historic Eitzen Mansion in California, Missouri.Their initial excitement only intensified when they stepped inside the three-story Queen Anne home.“I knew this was definitely the home of our dreams,” Rich says.“The beautiful craftsmanship, the original pocket doors, and the ornate fireplaces were pristine—as if the house had been sealed in a time capsule.We couldn’t believe our good fortune.”The local landmark was built in 1898 by Charles A. Eitzen, a Civil War hero, wealthy merchant, and prominent citizen of Hermann, Missouri, a German community established in 1837 along the banks of the Missouri River.At just under 8,000 square feet, the house contained 21 rooms, nine fireplaces, and a full basement, as well as a carriage house, all sitting on 1.5 acres surrounded by a stone and wrought iron fence.

It was also the first house in Moniteau County to have running water.

Charles died only four years after the home was completed, but his wife, Bertha, and their children would reside there until 1952.

After the Eitzen family sold the home, it served as the Tilton Nursing Home for four decades.

In recent years, various owners have tried to turn the house into a bed and breakfast and a restaurant, but were unsuccessful.

Eventually it went into foreclosure; in the summer of 2002, it was again for sale.

When Pam’s daughter, who lives in the area, sent them photos of the home for sale, the Greens lived in Dallas and had been dating for a couple of years.

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