Updating ichat

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It will take a few minutes for activation to go through, so be patient before attempting a video call.A restart of the i Phone itself might help the process along.

Or you could do a hard restart by holding the Power button and Home button down at the same time until the screen turns off. I have the new Iphone 4S,my problem is that when using face Time the connection works well but only for around 45 seconds then locks up.

We’re almost out of tricks, but there’s one more up our sleeve. This will wipe out all of your phone’s preferences and settings (including stored Wi Fi networks), but won’t delete any of your data or content. If it doesn’t work, a full restore via i Tunes might be your only option. The supplier has checked the settings and said that they were fine, my wireless router works fine when using the web. I just restored my new i Pod 4 from an i Pod 3 and tried every thing above plus more from other websites… It just says “person” is not available, so they try to call me and it says that I’m not aviable…

You may also have problems getting Face Time to work if the Wi-Fi network you are connected to is behind a firewall or if certain ports are blocked (by the network administrator) – which is unfortunately the case with my employer. Doesn’t happen to my other 2 friends when they talk to each other so I know it’s mine. We have tested face time on my iphone and my son’s macbook pro with us both in our house. My son just went to college with his iphone and macbook pro. Super frustrated so I’m takin a shower :( I had problems connecting to some contacts using my iphone 4 and tried all the resets etc, above nothing worked !

hi dear, i made all the options like “restart, soft restar, check the restriction, go to phone option, itunes restore” but Unfortunately it is not working, and the Face Time option is not appeared in the the phone option! My question is…can anyone use any computer or I touch and sign in with their I’d info and use that computer for a Face Time call or is the identity linked to the computer or itouch unit itself and the identity of the user can only be the identity of the computers owner? then I clicked on the contacts email address instead of his mobile number, and hey presto, the connection then worked perfectly.

i made a restored from the old Iphone but i made restor using i tunes and didn’t make the restore from the old version but nothing appear!! I was really frustrated not having facetime on my new IPhone4. After closing the call I noticed that the facetime icon was showing in the facetime button for that contact, and also then in the email address and not the mobile number. My i Phone 4 days to connect to a wifi network even web I’m connected? It says it’s calling but just keeps ringing and the other person never receives anything. anyone know how to set facetime to use your number instead of email?

Face Time, Apple’s new video conferencing feature for i Phone 4 and the latest i Pod touch, requires little to no setup. I experienced the same thing when trying to Face Time with a family member the first time.

If you excitedly attempted a Face Time call on your i Phone 4 only to find out it wouldn’t connect, you were probably pretty bummed out.Any number of things can factor into the reasons why Face Time won’t connect, such as restoring from a previous i Phone’s backup, switching carriers, etc.The good news is it’s likely a quick fix and you’ll be video chatting in no time.Try the following troubleshooting tips (in the order shown) to get started: As of now Face Time is restricted to Wi Fi, so you can’t be out and about on the 3G network if you want to video chat.Make sure you’re connected to a wireless network at home, work, Starbucks, etc. If you don’t see a trace of Face Time anywhere on your phone, it could be blocked.Take a look at Settings Phone and switching Face Time on could be your quick solution.