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Tv reporter caught on tape sex british van camera man

2.1 Yesterday's Enemies 2.2 The Professionals 2.3 Colony Three 2.4 The Galloping Major 2.5 Fair Exchange 2.6 Fish on the Hook 2.7 The Colonel's Daughter 2.8 Battle of the Cameras 2.9 No Marks for Servility 2.10 A Man to Be Trusted 2.11 Don't Nail Him Yet 2.12 A Date with Doris 2.13 That's Two of Us Sorry 2.14 Such Men are Dangerous 2.15 Whatever Happened to George Foster?

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3.11 To Our Best Friend 3.12 The Man on the Beach 3.13 Say it with Flowers 3.14 The Man Who Wouldn't Talk 3.15 Someone is Liable to Get Hurt 3.16 Dangerous Secret 3.17 I Can Only Offer You Sherry 3.18 The Hunting Party 3.19 Two Birds with One Bullet 3.20 I'm Afraid You Have the Wrong Number 3.21 The Man with the Foot 3.22 The Paper Chase 3.23 The Not. Jolly Roger in colour: 4.1 Koroshi 4.2 Shinda Shima My brief reviews: 2.1 Yesterday's Enemies- John Brett in Beirut is passing secrets, "I can hardly believe it." When confronted by Drake, he claims he was acting under orders from Edwin Archer, a former agent.Series One was the greatest UK half hour filmed drama series.No doubt the artistic licence given to Mc Goohan partly explains its success.Originally his role was to have been a James Bond type, but as he explained in a 1959 interview- "the new character we have evolved is more of a philosopher who has a respect for people and is not so ready with his fists." Some comments from the American TV moguls show their great initial approval- "This is the finest production I have seen made in England" (Tom Moore, ABC)."After seeing these films, I have complete confidence in any series made there" (Walter Scott, NBC)."I can't believe this was made in England" (Mike Damm, CBS).

Sadly, despite this enthusiasm, the series was not successful enough in USA to warrant a second series. After a gap, the second series started in 1964, now an hour long, and the terse economy of that first series is largely, regretfully, forsaken.

Having reached near perfection, that's Danger Man's only disappointment, that ITC were forced into the one hour format to suit their American masters, rather than build on the artistic brilliance built into every half hour. These longer stories have their own charm, not least (except for American viewers), the stunning theme by Edwin Astley, but sadly Mc Goohan becomes increasingly an imitation of a robot.

My favourite story (difficult to name just one): 1.22 The Conspirators - beautiful location, Drake rescuing a maiden in distress and her two children Worst story (there are only a very few): 2.18 The Ubiquitous Mr Lovegrove- TV Times was full of complaints about this dream fantasy To Crime/Adventure Menu . John Drake is now based in Britain, ostensibly working for World Travel, located in the shadow of St Paul's, and when in the UK drives a Mini 731 HOP.

This page is largely a tribute to the marvellous ITC (ATV's money making alter ego), who dominated the adventure series genre in the 1960's, starting with Danger Man and continuing with The Saint.

I was never over enthusiastic about ITC's subsequent efforts, though we could say that it was with The Persuaders, that the genre finally but gloriously ran out of steam.

En route ITC gave us Mc Goohan's notorious The Prisoner.

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