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An extraordinary insight into the secretive world of the Old Order Amish of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

When two radical Amish men, Ephraim and Jesse Stoltzfus, start to question some of the most fundamental aspects of their Amish culture, they face excommunication from their church and total rejection by their friends and family.

The Amish arrived in America 300 years ago and settled in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, today home to around 30 000 hardworking Amish whose lives revolve around their church, families and land.

As well as a strictly plain dress code, they don't use cars, electricity and eschew modern technology.

This program follows two men who let us into their private world because although their Christian faith is strong they begin questioning the all-powerful bishops' authority and rules.

They are ultimately excommunicated for not following strict Amish law, but that's not the end of the story.

Death in Paradise is a British-French lighthearted crime comedy drama television series created by Robert Thorogood, initially starring Ben Miller and Sara Martins and later starring Kris Marshall and Joséphine Jobert.

Danny John-Jules also stars and has been present throughout the series.

The programme is a joint UK and French production filmed on the Caribbean islands of Guadeloupe and broadcast on BBC One in the United Kingdom and France 2 in France.

La Roux's sophomore album "Trouble In Paradise" is due out next Tuesday (July 22), but is now streaming in full at i Tunes.

Elly Jackson's synth-pop project has also announced a fall North American tour to follow her handful of summer live dates, which continue next month with a few European festival dates.

La Roux Returns After 'Burnout' and Vocal Problems: Full Interview After releasing "Let Me Down Gently" as the first taste of her second album, La Roux issued the sleek "Uptight Downtown" as the first single.

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