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href=https%3A%2F%2F Luckily for Noah, he has the ability to do pretty much anything given his recent truthfulness.

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Both of Trevor's parents were school teachers in the area and he has one older sister.

Trevor is currently attending college in Southern California.

Trevor is most widely known for his role in the film ".He also plays Handsome Davis, a teen student who cheats his way through high school in "Cheats". Paul, Minnesota and performed in theater at his high school and did local commercial acting and modeling before his first TV break for NBC's Encore! Both of Trevor's parents were school teachers in the area and he has one older sister.Earlier this year, Trevor Noah shocked everyone when it was revealed that he had a profile on a website, known as “Celebrity Tinder.” The exclusive site showed Jon Stewart’s successor posing as a man in search of woman.When the story came to light, Noah’s relationship with model Jordyn Taylor had also been called into question.The two had been romantically linked for months, which made Noah’s profile all the more controversial.