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These best-use cases can reduce data access latency by as much as 90%.Both server vendors as well as some storage vendors offer server-based SSDs.

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Last year the reference website began to experience I/O performance bottlenecks on its database servers, which were Hewlett-Packard Co. runs the My SQL databased and configures each cluster with a master database server, plus a farm of read-only, synchronized database slaves that handle the bulk of queries.As the site grew and received more updates, it became difficult for these slaves to serve incoming requests quickly -- and handle the replication updates coming from the master -- and response times were taking a hit.Usually, the solution to I/O problems is to connect servers to storage arrays configured with lots and lots of spinning hard-disk drives, "but that's not very economical to house and maintain and to pay for in terms of power consumption," said Dan Marriott, the director of production operations at Nor could the firm simply add more nodes to its clusters."We can't buy unlimited servers; we have realistic hardware budgets," Marriott said.A server-based SSD is a solid state drive that may be manufactured in a PCI Express form factor.

It could also be a SATA or SAS drive that plugs into the standard SATA/SAS interface, allowing it to be installed directly into a server.

Server-based SSDs can function as a cache in the server or as persistent storage, allowing the SSD server to have essentially an extremely fast scratch disk for very frequently accessed data.

Putting this high performance storage directly in the server reduces latency because the server doesn’t have to access data on an external storage array.

Because of this, server-based SSDs are high performance direct-attached storage.

These SSD server drives are typically NAND flash-based.

Server-based SSDs are most often used for frequently accessed data in a database.