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Jessie realizes it's too dangerous to bring the baby on this journey and for a moment, Rick is at a loss over what to do.

After an earnest "Thank you," from Rick to Gabriel, our leader Rick grabs Sam's hand, Sam grabs Jessie's and Carl reaches for Ron.

Walkers Aren't The Only Problem The injured wolf (who Morgan had locked up until the man turned the tables in the midseason finale last year) is now out in Alexandria with his prisoner -- Dr. Tara wants to get out there to save Denise, but Rosita says they need a plan. Out in the darkness, Denise is shaking as she sits next to the wolf who tells her they'll make a break for it when there's an opening in the walker pack.

Luckily, the woman who managed to take down Terminus singlehandedly – Carol – is here. While the wolf works on how to get out of Alexandria (or at least to the tower), inside a nearby church, Glenn and Enid are working on how to get in.

She stands up with a little help from Eugene, and immediately springs into action, asking for Rosita's gun so she can see what other "surprises" (as in, other than the wolf Morgan had in the basement) are nearby. Glenn is convinced someone probably hid a gun in a carved-out Bible, and they need every weapon they can find if they going to save his pregnant wife, Maggie, and their friends.

Morgan wakes up and immediately notices that the wolf is gone. Monsters In The Dark Rick and his meat poncho gang have had to move so slowly through the walkers that it's already dark, and they aren't even close to the quarry.

And with darkness now all around, every walker they pass is affecting Cookie Sam more and more.

With each decaying walker he passes, young Sam hears in his head the warning about monsters that Carol gave him when he caught her stealing from the armory (after Rick's group first moved to Alexandria). Sam stops and starts backing away from his mom as terror takes hold.Ron tries to urge his little brother to get moving (Rick and Jessie do too), but it's no use.And just like that, Sam loses sense of what's going on and two walkers pounce (RIP Cookie Sam)."The Walking Dead" returned on Sunday night with a thrilling, action-packed, walker-heavy episode."No Way Out," the ninth episode of Season 6, covered just about one day's worth of time, but it was a massive episode that brought resolution to arcs set up last fall, featured some big reunions and included an intense battle for Alexandria. An explosion goes off right in the middle of the biker gang, killing them all.Here's how things unfolded Sunday night on AMC: It's daylight and Daryl, Sasha and Abraham are stopped in the road. A moment later, Daryl strolls back, a rocket launcher on his arm.

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