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Oh, funny, Aunt Jenna, how you didn't care where they were while you were running away to college! Anyway, she tells Stefan she's supposed to meet Alaric at the Bronze for lunch, and Stefan tells her not to go. Stefan tells her he's on his way, and that he'll explain everything. Jenna makes to leave, and Alaric/Klaus pulls a knife on her!Damon says he'll just stay put and be good, but we can tell by his crazy blue eyes that he's planning on going to the Bronze to meet Alaric/Klaus, or something. Stefan puts the knife to Alaric/Klaus's throat and tells Jenna to run, and then beats him up! YHH tells Elena that there IS a curse, but that it's just on Klaus. Elena tells YHH she has to go to Jenna, but that she will be back. At the Salvatore's/Elena's mansion, Jenna is crying.

Alaric/Klaus is chopping vegetables and acting psycho. He tells Jenna that he, Alaric, just LOVES vampires. Aunt Jenna has a sad because she feels like SHE' S supposed to protect THEM, which is kinda funny, really.Elena has to go back to YHH, and Stefan is not happy about it, but he lets her go.Damon, however, says no way jose AGAIN, and Stefan gets all up in his face.Meanwhile, Katherine is having a lot of fun dancing around Alaric/Klaus's apartment, and George really wants to GO THERE.Alaric/Klaus comes in and compels her, and she pretends to be compelled.Then the house boy comes in with some other people, and hey! She seems to like Alaric/Klaus an awful lot for someone taken against her will. Elena returns to YHH, and he's pleased to see her.

He tells her that his mom had an affair, and that Klaus was not their father's son! And YHH's dad killed his wife's old werelover, starting the war between the weres and the vampires! Klaus's curse is that the witches made his werewolf side dormant!And he wants to break the curse, so he can BE both a were and a vampire and start a whole race of werevamps. BUT YHH figured out a way to kill him, with the help of a witch, and Elena tells him she just might know a witch (with the power of a 100 dead other witches YHH comes to Klaus and tells him that there's a way to spare the doppelganger, but Klaus doesn't care, 'cause she's only and old human.He tells YHH that in this family, they DON' T love. The juice box is being considerate, if a bit smothering to Damon. Klaus tells YHH that Katerina is gone and threatens him a bunch. We think they are showing this to show us that he and Klaus were JUST LIKE Damon and Stefan! We last left Elena waiting for Young Harry Hamlin to wakey-wakey, while Stefan and Damon presumably don't have their vampire hearing on so they don't know what's going on in their own recently signed-over mansion. He busts out of the house, and asks Elena what the eff is going on. Damon wants to eat the juice box a little, but she asks him not to, because she has to go to work and 'it's so messy'. At Alaric's, Klaus is STILL in Alaric's body, but is sending his house boy out for the REAL him, (huh?(By the by, does anyone else wonder how Katherine can fool the boys? She gives him the ash dagger as a sign of good faith, so they can talk. Suddenly, Stefan's vampire sense kicks in and he rushes to the dungeon, closely followed by Damon. ) and tells Katherine that now that Bonnie's dead (hehe, silly Alaric/Klaus!I mean, can't they hear heart beats, and smell blood and stuff? Stefan wakes up and realizes Elena's not in bed next to him, and I just have one question: why are you sleeping in a shirt, Stefan? ) and he has the moonstone Elena and Young Harry Hamlin are out for a drive, and they make a deal to help each other.

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