Thailand dating sites

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Thailand dating sites - online dating bashing

But the outstanding feature which sets Mizz Thai apart from the competition, and indeed could give users an advantage, is the focus on making and receiving offers.

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Your companion will be one of many Thai girls interested in your offer.

Likewise, you may find many Thai girls already looking for companions on your chosen holiday dates.

Joining Mizz Thai is simple, just like you would on any of the popular Thailand on-line dating sites, you sign up and fill in your profile.

The next step is to create a new trip, you have several trip type options, which are Luxury, Adventure, Romance, Foodie, Marriage or Fun Only.

Fill in a few details about your trip, where you are going and what you expect to do.

You then have the option to decide who pays for the trip, which are, I’ll Pay For Us, Split The Cost 50/50, You’ll Pay For Us.

You have the option of posting your trip details publicly, or you can invite a girl of your choice. But after just a couple of days free membership I’ve had a pretty cute looking girl offer me a holiday, 5 girls interested in me, and 3 or 4 messages.If I was single I would be planning a holiday right now, or maybe I would even take up that cute girls offer.As with most Thai dating sites there is limited functionality at the free membership level, but you can post your trips and holidays.Once your trip is posted why not just see how much interest it generates before upgrading to premium membership.The functionality of premium membership includes on site video chat, messaging and sharing private photos. You've been told not to judge a book by its cover, but let’s face it: online dating is one big library and you have no intention of reading most of the books.