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At no time any one mage will nuke randomly.- PLD with hate must be on one side away from the BLMs, Mages, etc.

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Important that each nuker pay attention to NM, if NM's head comes out, cancel nuke ASAP and resume kiting.- Rinse and repeat. Mushi Blanka Mohit Michaelino Lokithor Chic Azmodius Japolo Zue Ya'll had expressed some level of interest on the two threads that preceeded this one. Since talk on the wiki and other sources on strategy is lacking, I found some pretty good vids of other linkshells taking this down. At one point, they get sloppy with the timing and recover. Silence while in the shell seems to be pretty key, and they had 2-3 people cast regular silence (no ES that I could tell) so that at least one would stick and they wouldn't be held back when ES wasn't up.

So let's have a look at what ANN readers consider the best (a...― When I first heard Aniplex was going to start screening a critically and financially successful boys' love movie produced by A-1 Pictures in theaters, I was pretty puzzled.

Boys' love, shonen-ai, yaoi, however you want to slice it, is ...― Skye asks: Why does Animax Asia broadcast anime with English dubs, and who dubs them?

I recently watched Toward the Terra, and upon further research (wikipedia), I learned it was dubbed by Animax Asia, which broadcasts dubs in Southeast Asia.

...― In my endless search for interesting things to talk about in these intro paragraphs, I completely missed a personal milestone: it's been over a year since I started my time at the helm of Shelf Life.

I moved from just writing reviews to organizing ...― The Rolling Girls is pretty much exactly the kind of show I want to believe in.

Graced with a vivid visual aesthetic, centered on the poignant edge of adolescence, and framed as a rock and roll road trip through a fanciful alternate Japan, it breathes cre...

- Once kiter hate is established, 1x BLM can Blizzard4 or Freeze II to put NM in the shell.

If not enough, another 1x nuke should do.- Once inside, ONLY do timed nuke.

Taking place 10 years after the final Dragonball Z story, Pilaf finally manages to get all 7 dragonballs and makes a wish.

Unfortunately for Pilaf, he gets flustered by the presence of Goku and wishes for Goku to be a child again so that Pilaf could "teach him a lesson." Pilaf gets his wish, and Goku is off on an interstellar trip to gather the 7 "Black Star Dragonballs" that can reverse the wish and return him to adulthood.18 Spanish dubbed8 Spanish subtitled4 Portuguese dubbed3 Portuguese subtitled3 Polish edited dub2 German dubbed1 German edited dub1 Polish dubbed1 Italian dubbed1 French subtitled1 French dubbed1 Arabic subtitled1 Dutch subtitled1 Polish subtitled1 Croatian subtitled20 Spanish dubbed9 Portuguese dubbed5 German dubbed3 Spanish subtitled2 Polish dubbed2 French dubbed2 Polish edited dub1 Tagalog dubbed1 Italian edited dub1 Italian dubbed1 Portuguese subtitled1 Portuguese edited dub1 Polish subtitled1 Dutch subtitled1 Lithuanian edited dub1 Spanish edited dub Seen in part or in whole by 8472 users, rank: #52 (of 6683)Median rating: Decent Arithmetic mean: 5.466 (So-so+), std.

dev.: 2.4489, rank: #5701 (of 6684)Weighted mean: 5.365 (So-so+), rank: #5843 (of 6684) ― The Tokyo Game Show took place over the past weekend, and like most recent years for the show, it didn't provide a ton of huge announcements.

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