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Dating rumors have been floating around about You Tube celeb Jc Caylen and now fellow star Jenn XPenn is a part.

Mc Allister has three channels on You Tube, jennxpenn (her main channel), jennxpenngames (as the name suggests, her gaming channel), and jenn (her vlog channel).She has over 184 million video views, which continues to increase.In August 2014, the Teen Choice Awards nominated Mc Allister for not only "Choice Web Star: Comedy" , but also for "Choice Web Collaboration" for the video "Fab Five in Real Life", which she filmed with Anthony "Lohanthony" Quintal, Jack "That So Jack" Baran, Andrew Lowe, and Rebecca Black.She was nominated Teen Choice Female Web star on Teen Choice 2016.Mc Allister created her Jenn XPenn channel on January 15, 2009, but had experience with You Tube already, through a channel called "Kiko And Penn" she created with her best friend at the time, Coco.They did sketch videos and music videos, in hopes of becoming "the female Smosh".

Mc Allister gained many subscribers early on in her You Tube career when she joined the collab group My Collab in late 2009.My Collab was started by You Tuber supermac18, and other members included ohitsdalton, mutantboyfriend (Jonah Green), TCProductions X (Tyler, now itstylercx but no longer active),and [1]imdaviddalen (no longer active).My Collab ended after issues arose between supermac18 and Dalton.In May 2014, Mc Allister went on tour throughout the US and parts of Canada with friend, fellow You Tuber, and musician Tyler Ward.Mc Allister not only held paid meet and greets before Ward's concert, she also hosted the concert.The tour lasted about a month and was very successful for both Mc Allister and Ward.

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