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Only as Christy Huddleston, a young woman who leaves her sheltered city life to teach at a missionary school in Appalachia, she's the one handing out the homework.``I was very surprised that they gave me this part because I'm young,'' Martin said. Emmy-winner Tyne Daly (``Cagney & Lacey''), to start, co-stars as Christy's mentor Miss Alice, a Quaker who can shoot and ride as well as inspire.

``Normally when they cast a person to play a 19- year-old girl, they give it to 30-year- olds. Tess Harper (``Tender Mercies'') is Fairlight Spencer, a local woman who smooths Christy's way with the impoverished, uneducated and superstitious ``highlanders'' of Cutter Gap.

And controlling events behind the scenes is executive producer Barney Rosenzweig (``Cagney & Lacey''), writer Patricia Green (``L. Law''), director Michael Rhodes (``A Year in the Life'') and cinematographer Mike Fash (``Sarah, Plain and Tall'').

NEW YORK - — Kellie Martin was supposed to be in college right now.

Yale University, no less, studying English literature.

Instead, the 18-year-old actress has been pretending she's in school - as the star of ``Christy,'' a CBS drama that makes its debut Sunday night at 8.