Squash camp for adults

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Europe by far has a much better grip on the whole nudism thing (Gerald is preparing a piece on the generally poor condition of American nudist resorts - look for it). Hopefully, like a pilgrim to Mecca, it will become an annual, rejuvenating event that I'll look forward to all year (in a life-sustaining way). I was frankly very disappointed by a visit to a resort here in the states, and thought I'd be more pleased by a visit to where nudism planted its roots.

Fortunately there was a singles contingent (generally younger than I), but I wasn't traveling for romance.

And yes, you'll find other single people there too (the women tend to arrive in pairs or threesomes, as you might find at Hedonism II or similar Caribbean resort [albeit for adults only]).

This introduction is just a brief overview of my first impressions, which actually rekindled memories of visiting a summer camp in my youth.

Activities abounded, though in this case they were enjoyed in the buff.

For example, all-ages body painting, archery, nature walks, volleyball, gym and nude yoga classes.

There was an active youth center (watching teens dance nude is a memorable experience).

As for lodging there was a campground for tent campers and caravans, bungalows and a hostel-like hotel complete with full dining facilities (enjoyed nude or otherwise).However, by far the most popular activity seemed to be "milling about." You could sit on a bench located centrally and within the course of an hour several thousand nudists of all types and ages would promenade by.Really, you didn't need to move to the extent of humanity present - they all came to you.Join squash legend Peter Nicol for a rigorous and fun weekend of squash instruction, analysis and training.Nicol holds more than 50 major international squash championships and sat at the top of the PSA World Rankings for more than 60 months during his playing career, and is widely considered one of the most successful professional squash players of all time.He brings a unique and interesting insight into the game of squash for all to experience during this holiday weekend squash camp.

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