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NAME: abssq - compute absolute value then square SYNTAX: pwr=abssq(v) ARGS: v[n]: complex voltage to compute power RETURNS: pwr[n]: float real(v)*real(v) + img(v)*img(v) DESCRIPTION: Compute the square of the absolute value NAME: addpath - add a directory to the start of the path variable SYNTAX: addpath,pathname ARGS: pathname : string variable with the path to add.

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NAME: alfatsysget - return alfa Tsys for the requested positions SYNTAX: stat=alfatsysget(az,za,freq Mhz,rot Angle,tsys Val Ar,date=date,fit I=fit I, fname=fname) ARGS: az[n]: float azimuth in degrees za[n]: float zenith angle in degrees freq Mhz[n]: float freq in Mhz.rot Angle[n]: float rotation angle of alfa in degrees.KEYWORDS: date[2]: int [year,daynumber] to use for gain computation. If the Tsys curves change with time, this allows you to access the curve that was in use when the data was taken. The default datafile is aodefdir() + 'data/R17 (aodefdir() is a function that returns the root of the ; aoroutines).fname: string alternate file holding fit coefficients. stat=alfatsysget(az,za,freq,rot A,tsys Val) SEE ALSO:alfatsysinpdata NAME: alfatsysinp Data - input alfa tsys fits. The keyword fname allows you to specify an alternate file.RETURNS: tsys Val Ar[2,7,n]: float tsys for the 2pols, 7 pixels and n positions in Kelvins fit I[2,7] : {alfatsysfit I} optionanly return the fit information (see alfatsysgetdat for a description of the structure). SYNTAX: istat=alfatsysinpdata(tsysfit I,fname=fname,date=date) ARGS: KEYWORDS: fname: to specify an alternate data file with fit values. RETURNS: istat: 1 ok, -1 bad filename or data in file. The file format is: - col 1 ; or # is a column - col 1 ! yyyy dayno is the year daynumber for the start of this data set.RETURNS: n: int number of harmonics found in the final band. Remove all frequencies outside the 700 Mhz low pass filter. Create harmonics in the IF created by the fiber/distribution amp. remove all frequencies outside the 250Mhz bandpass filter 7. The program assumes the filter is infinitely steep.

This includes any fundamentals harm List[n]: struct structure holding the harmonics info. Compute harmonics created by the amp after the bandpass filter and the a/d. You can widen the 100 Mhz to see if there are any nearby birdies that might alias in.DESCRIPTION: Compute where harmonics fall in the alfa/wapp configuration. Remove all frequencies outside the 1225-1525 bandpass filter. If the rfidef keyword is set (/rfidef), the program will load a list of known interferers into the rfi List variable and then proceed with the computation.The user inputs the sky center frequency of the alfa band as well as a list of frequencies that may create harmonics. The list includes: aerostat radar: 1241.75,1244.6,1256.5,1261.25 remy radar: 1270,1290 faa radar: 1330,1350.stat: int -1 -- data returned ok DESCRIPTION: Return the system temperature (K) for the 2*7 pols*pixels of alfa using a model of az,za,rotation Angle, and frequency. stat=alfatsysget(az,za,freq,rot Angle,tsys Val) ; ; 18 values at za 2 thru 19 in 1deg steps, az=180,freq=1385. The default file is aodefdir() + 'data/R17 date : [year,daynum] .. - data is free format , column oriented The structure format for {alfa Tsyst Fit I} is: fit 0,1 ; pol A or pol B fit 0..6 ; pixel number fit Type 1 ; code for type of fit used fit I.pntsused 1 ; number of points used to compute the fit fit I.ncoef 11 ; number of coef in the fit fit I.sigmafit 0.The date keyword allows you to access a tsys curve that was valid at some other epoch (the default is the most recent curve). ; hold the fit sigma (in deg K) fit Coef fltarr(ncoef); hold the fit coefs.If the input variables are an array of dimension N then the retured data will be an array of Tsys(2,7, N) Fits have been done for Tsys(az,za,freq,rotation Angle). fit I.sigmacoef fltarr(ncoef); hold the fit coef errors.

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