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Harvest and Trustee don't seem likely to change their security, as all their losses are covered by the federal government anyway.

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Owned and managed by Dimitri Volkov - a known snitch who handed Vlad Kozak to the authorities - we also suspect that it hosts illegal gambling.This tiara was being held for Dimitri Volkov, and was apparently intended to be worn by his wife at their wedding.My Notes: If it wasn’t for the people who might get caught in the crossfire, I’d be happy to let these mobsters take shots at each other over their petty squabbles.Based on the security footage, this appears to be an act of focused vandalism. Look into who stands to lose, and who stands to gain, from the damage here.The stores in the mall were specifically focused for damage, rather than theft. Harvest and Trustee Bank has branches all over Washington.They are generally single-storey constructions, with heavy rear doors, roof access and cameras that are controlled from a locked security room.

Most branches will employ three or four security personnel, and teller staff are trained to lower shutters in the event of a robbery.My Notes: Forget H&R doing much to put their house in order.I recommend the construction of new training facilities for our teams, model them on these banks.(Either enter the Steam Community URL or the Steam Profile ID/Number the of the Player whose stats you wish to view, or login via Steam to view your own stats easily. There have been several hits on these four stores in an otherwise-quiet downtown neighborhood.The MO of the perpetrators has been to execute a rapid hit-and-run, aimed at emptying cash registers and getting out fast.My Notes: Hard to see what Bain stands to gain from this, so I suspect it is as much a favor to keep a contact sweet.

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