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Our unique scientific matching system calculates perfect matches by comparing your profile with over 10 million active members. A warped love story and unlikely psychological thriller, the film centers on Cody (Gallagher Jr.) and Virginia (Sheil) who develop an online relationship. I had done the Facetime thing once before with like a director who was in LA.When Cody starts to suspect that Virginia may not be who she seems, he sets out on a journey to define her identity. Because there’s so many charades on the Internet, what you’re willing to believe interests me. The thing I really related to was the idea that my character’s inability to communicate and show himself is his own undoing in a lot of ways. I remember my agent calling like, ‘You need to get Skype! You both always challenge yourself with the roles you pick.NYLON had a chance to chat with Sheil and Gallagher Jr. The two actors revealed what drew them to the script, their process in crafting a character and how technology entwines with fear and insecurity. [Laughs] No, I had never done any online dating but I did go into some chatrooms when I got AOL when I was 14; meet some ladies. What propels the movie is this great fall of this character but it’s what keeps the action of the film escalating. With this film, when you started constructing the character, how did you build the backstory and did you throw it away when you started shooting?Although the film feels modern in its exploration of Skype and the Internet, Gallagher Jr. That’s generally what I try to do with any project; get to know the character and have very specific ideas and then let that go; just respond to what is actually happening.stresses, ‘the things it deals with on a human level are ages old.’ Zach has said this story was birthed from his experiences with a long-distance relationships and an ex-girlfriend. When John is your scene partner that’s very easy to do because he’s very good.

When you first read the script, did you connect with it in that way too? Whenever I read someone or a character is supposed to be hard to understand but I immediately feel empathetic towards her, I always want to do that thing. …and then like a week later I went to a party and Kate was there!

I sort of had a slightly long-distance thing that was very brief. I was attracted to the fact that it seemed like two people did have a genuine connection and messed it up. It was mostly just figuring out how I could potentially find myself in these particular circumstances. I was like, ‘Hey I think we’re going to make this movie together!

’ I think I much prefer the way we did it, which was to get to know each other and we had about four days of rehearsal. As a result I think we were actually able to develop a real shorthand, a rapport with each other that I think really benefitted the way we shot the Skype scenes because we were able to feel lived in and familiar. ’ I thought of I did see the similarity, the idea that it’s an odyssey that is born out of insecurity.

I’m sure there would have been all kinds of great spontaneous things if I was like So much of the film hinges on you believing that these two characters could be in a relationship and really have something special. He doesn’t really know what he’s doing he’s just putting one front in front of another and stumbling into these places and chance encounters with people.

It’s a little more planned out with my character because he has the bulletin board thing.

But the idea of letting your insecurity and fear, desire eat away at you to the point to where it starts becoming the motor that keeps his character going. I think the thing about technology and relationships; I don’t necessarily know it’s anything new.

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