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In our dental clinic, we greatly prioritise the quality of our work, putting emphasis on long term successful results, where patients will not be let down.

If you have current Medical Insurance with providers such as VHI or Aviva benefit scheme you may be entitled to claim for certain treatments. Dr Vaidas and Birute were gentle and thoroughly professional throughout the last few months.

White fillings for frontal and back teeth Root canal treatment for frontal&back teeth Education of individual oral care Coverage of sensitive exposed tooth root surfaces Tartar/calculus/plaque removal - sodablasting Metal-free 100% ceramic dental implants Missing frontal teeth replacement with implants Missing back teeth replacement with implants Immediate implant insertion after tooth extraction Dental implants for dentures fixation All-on-4 treatment therapy - Life without dentures Porcelain veneers / inlays / onlays Porcelain fused metal crown/bridge on teeth/implants Full porcelain crowns/bridges on teeth/implants Cementable or screw-retained bridges on implants Metal-based dentures on teeth and dental implants Full and partial acrylic dentures Regular tooth extraction Non-erupted or wisdom teeth surgical extraction Guided bone regeneration for jawbone reconstruction Gum recession plastic surgery around teeth&implants Root-end surgery after failed root canal treatment Gum ridge (smile line) correction Excellent!! I was completely at ease – to the extent that I found myself enjoying the music in the background and wishing I could sing along. All this from someone who couldn’t face a dentist for 30 years.

I have a serious fear of dentists- but would have no problem going back to see Vaidas and his team. I would like to express the highest and most sincere gratitude to the oral surgeon doctor Vaidas Varinauskas.

He put me completely at ease and went through my procedure step by step, so I knew exactly what was happening. Briefly about my situation: it was necessary for one of my wisdom teeth to be pulled out.

To me this operation didn’t seem like much, because I though numerous dentists were able to do it. It could only be done by a dentist with clinical status, who can or is able to pull the tooth out.

Deo DENTAL dental clinic in Drogheda – a team of people who like their work and who are able to offer a secure and high quality oral treatment for You, as well as support for a successful outcome.

Oral surgeon Vaidas Varinauskas and dentist Arune Varinauskiene offer You a full scope of general and aesthetic dentistry treatment ranging from safe dental bleaching and aesthetic fillings to dental implantation after jaw-bone reconstruction operations.

Dental treatment strategies are improving very rapidly, that is why the clinic’s specialists Arune & Vaidas Varinauskai are regularly updating their knowledge and skills to suit today’s growing standards.

Having already acquired the standards of the Irish Dental Council, both dentists are expanding their knowledge from specialists in Austria, Estonia, England, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Latvia, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, Scotland and Germany.

Specialist in Oral surgery & Teeth Implants therapy dr.

Varinauskas often shares his experience, lecturing and presenting courses in various conferences and seminars.

He is author and co-author of 13 articles in refereed Scientific Journals related to teeth implants and oral surgery.