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He noticed that she had unbuttoned the top button of her blouse. He moved his to the same location and grabbed her fingers, taking them in his own. He could see her breasts rising and falling with her exhalations. You’ll find some good ones on these three shelves right here.” Andrew watched her as she moved a hand up to a book slight above their heads. Redheaded Librarian locked her eyes on his as Andrew knelt before her.

“Oh, fuck, open that book, research boy.” Andrew spread her lips with his tongue and plunged it in deeper as he reached between his legs and unbuckled his breeches.

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Andrew walked into the campus library expecting to check out a book for his Western Civilization class. ” The librarian, a slightly older redhead with braces and horn-rimmed glasses, looked up and smiled. She had a nice figure even if the face was freckle-pocked. Before he knew it, their lips were locked and she was sucking on his tongue. It surprised him as much as it did her when flesh came against flesh. With no hesitation at all, the librarian tossed her leg over Andrew’s shoulder and lifted her skirt. Andrew fell face forward, burying his nose in the shelf between the librarian’s legs.

His book report was due in one week and he was getting a bit nervous. She was cute in her own school-girl nerdy kind of way. They were the only two people in that section of the library this time of day. When the librarian turned around, Andrew was looking at the call numbers. He got a full view of her shaved snatch, no panties. He let his tongue swirl around on her clit for a minute before taking it between his teeth and nibbling on it.

He approached the librarian’s desk in the center of the library and excused himself. Her hand gently sprayed out on the back of his head and she gave his face a little push as she pushed back with her hips. ” “Szynschewski.” He wasn’t sure he pronounced it right, but the librarian seemed to know who he was talking about. Follow me.” She took off like a supertrain toward the bookshelves. With nothing else to do he checked out her plaid skirt sashaying back and forth as she walked. Without missing a beat, Andrew stepped in and kissed the librarian on the lips. “I think there’s a really interesting book right here I’d like to read,” he said. The librarian seemed surprised but let him take her hand. Smoothly, he maneuvered a hand between her thighs and up her skirt.Description: Looking back at star wars and nerd males everyone wanted to date or mate with princess Leia, to strip her white robe and make hardcore steamy sex show.As the clip begins, the woman is seen in glasses with her hair scraped back and a hoody on.She introduces herself and says: “Hey guys, here is another ass shaking video.“I am dressed super casually today, but that won’t stop me dancing.”All of a sudden the brunette beauty leans into the camera and shows off her impressive cleavage. As the girl starts shaking her backside in tiny grey shorts she attempts to cover her ample assets.