Sex toys website

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Sex toys website

Whether you want to pamper yourself, add a little spice in the bedroom or explore intimacy with your partner, our award winning line of high quality bedroom accessories has something for you.Shop Boutique Have an unforgettable night with your friends by throwing your very own adult home party featuring our award-winning luxury intimate products!

Chill metal spoons in the freezer for a couple of hours and then glide them over each other's skin.Place them against his lips, drag them down his throat and across his nipples and abs, and swirl them over his genitals and inner thighs, all the way down to his toes.Who knew your styling tools had a sensual split-personality?For a hot sex toy idea you'll love, run a comb or a soft bristle brush over his butt cheeks, or use the flat side of your brush like a paddle.If you have an unused duster in your closet, it feels amazing to tickle each other's skin with it.Or stack several couch pillows under your chest and hug them during doggy style for a completely different sensation.

You can also position them so that they'll press against your clitoris to get an added sexy surge. While you're wearing your underwear, have him turn it on low and hold it over your clitoris for a sexy sucking sensation.

If the sensation is too much (or your vacuum has serious sucking power), have him hold it an inch above your underwear.

Fulfill your every fantasy when you shop Spencer’s Online: your one-stop hotspot for all things naughty. From dreamy romance, sultry seductress to sweet sex kitten, we have a variety of must-haves like corsets, push-up bras to fantasy dress up.

The ultra-light stroke is a tease because it turns you on without giving enough pressure to tip over the edge — so it really heightens the anticipation.

If your guy wears a tie to work, grab the end of it, pull him in towards you for a kiss, and undo it while you're making out. (Hint: Secure the knot on the side of his head rather than the back, so that he can lay his head down comfortably.) By restricting his sense of sight, everything else you say and do to him will be intensified.

And if he's not the tie type, a scarf works just as well.

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