Sex ko brahna

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It is very difficult for that individual to find peace when the mind is continually distracted and desirous of sexual activity. The flip side is some people totally suppress the sexual urge which leads to an unnatural state and block. So today we can benefit from Vasishtha’s further explanation of Brahmacharya. First is an absolute abandoning of sexual indulgence, on mental, verbal and physical.But second he offers for householders that Brahmacharya includes sex with their partner.

From all of this we can see that Brahmacharya is a level of self discipline and proper behaviour, especially in terms of sexual activity, and quite obviously requires a harnessing of sensual activity.

One of the more discussed and misunderstood topics in yoga, the common belief is that it is celibacy, a complete abstinence from sexual activity.

But this is only part of the picture.“Brahma” is the Ultimate Reality, the Creator. Literally then the move to the ultimate reality or more practically put, ways or methodology to be used for self realization.

It comes up as one of the five Yamas presented in classical yoga by Patanjali.

Other texts that deal with the Yamas also present it, most notably the Vasishtha Samhita, listing it as one of ten Yamas.

Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras does not give us a definition of Brahmacharya, he only states for us the effect of it.“Brahma charya pratishthayam virya labhaha” (PYS II.38)When brahmacharya becomes stable then the yogin gains great energy and power. The yogic process is one of channeling and managing energy within, where as in average daily life this life energy, or prana, is wasted, drained out the senses.

The thought of sex and the force of the sex drive is a huge component in this.So if we look at it from a practical, modern day point of view we can understand Brahmacharya as harnessing the energy or power of our senses and directing that instead to greater personal understanding.In a very traditional sense Brahmacharya was a description for the early part of life, on average up to about the age of 25, before marriage, time focused on studies.Here all energy was devoted to learning of which much of that was gaining the tools to practice the ways to self-realisation. Later one entered family life and naturally sex was part of it.This was the system and culture around the time of Patanjali and Vasishtha.Today our student life is full of self-enjoyment and sexual activity is begun very early.