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Meet Chet Mon – Her mother sold her virginity to a foreign businessman when she was 12 years old.She spent her early childhood, working in the streets, collecting bottles, and cans; selling post cards, or collecting scraps of firewood to sell at the market.

She, like many other children in Cambodia was never able to attend school. Her family was stuck in the cycle of illiteracy, poverty, and human trafficking; under a government that takes care of the rich and ignores the poor.

Her father was dead and her mother had 6 kids to feed on her own, and one was already dead of malnutrition.

Her virginity was sold to a wealthy foreign business man for 0.00.

He took her to a hotel room, locked her up, and continually abused, and raped her for 7 straight days.

When he was done using her small, malnourished, immature, 12 year old body – he threw her out in the street, and left town.

Chet Mon, eventually became the mistress of powerful brothel owner and had two more illegitimate daughters.

Her “boyfriend” has a life and family of his own, but wanted Chet Mon for abusive sex at his beck and call.

Instead of protecting her and helping her – he often showed up drunk.

He would come into her one room shack that she shares with her 3 daughters drunk, to beat and rape her at 4am. New Hope Cambodia is trying to break the cycle of women selling virginity, prostitution, violence, and illiteracy.

Sadly, this is not an isolated incident it happens all the time, even today.

Even though her childhood was stolen, and her virginity sold; she has no ill will, no hate, no anger…. In Cambodia your virginity being sold; prostitution, sex, violence, and death; is just a normal way of life ~ a way to survive. Women are cloth to be used and discarded without a second thought.

In Cambodia, they have a saying If Gold gets dirty you can polish it and clean it up and it will be shiny again. Chet Mon was on her own at 12, with no education, and no resources.

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