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Seventeen online dating - midnight sex chat

It’s Friday night, and regular readers of the blog will have realised I try to sneak in a quick yoga class before Friday night dates.I’d learned my lesson and actually dried my hair after class this time (though I did manage to forget to pack shampoo, only to realise shower gel is not an acceptable substitute!

So, if I have any major pet peeve, it’s paying to park my car.Cars are expensive enough to run, I don’t agree with them being expensive to stop as well!So whenever I go to yoga, I try to find more ‘economical’ (read FREE) parking options.For the past two years, this has been a local office car park.I smile nicely at the security guard as I park my car, and occasionally I have to push open the gate to get the car back out again after yoga has finished, pushing aside the chain draped casually between the two halves of the gate to make it look as if they’re actually locked. It’s Reading Festival, and so I guess everyone is a little more security conscious this weekend. I started Blind Date Number Seventeen realising that my car has been impounded for the entire three day weekend!And so, when I went to meet The Pupil in the middle of a bridge in the centre of the Oracle Shopping Centre in Reading, I was rather ungracefully carrying my sports bag and yoga mat with me!

Ironically the Pupil was the only person sitting on the bridge alone.

The rest of the bench was filled with couples, making him easy to identify, though (in spite of me having told him about the car issues, and that I would approach him carrying a yoga mat) he didn’t seem to realise it was me, until I actively went up to him and asked for him by name.

The Pupil offered to put my sports gear in his car, and so we headed into the shopping centre car park and ran through the ‘date options’.

The Pupil had been recommended by one of my younger sister’s closest friends.

She originally offered me a ‘bad date’ last week, having read my post ‘The Bad Date Experiment‘.

When I told her I wasn’t actively seeking bad dates, more expecting the dates to get worse depending on how I screened for potential dates, she came up with The Pupil as a second option.

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