Rajfed tinder dating site

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Rajfed tinder dating site

It may have been a small town, but the chicken Cordon Bleu with wine sauce had to be done to perfection, served with glazed carrot slices and baked potatoes.

You'd expect the Interpol to hunt down terrorists, drug runners and other low life, but it has now cast its net wide to catch the international fishing mafia that operates in either the nautical equivalent of no man's land - that is, in high seas that fall in no country's economic zone - or the shadows of the Somali pirates.

For the first time in its 90-year history, the international police organisation has declared illegal fishing to be as serious a crime as drug running and human trafficking as it launched Project SCALE to counter this at its first international fisheries enforcement conference in Lyon, France.

Discovery News blogger Kieran Mulvaney quotes the Pew Environment Group pegging the losses caused by "illegal, unreported and unregulated" fishing at up to .5 billion worldwide.

"In some regions of the world the situation is even worse," writes Mulvaney.

"Off the coast of West Africa for example, Pew reports that as much as 40 percent of the catch is illegal." The trade denies small fishermen income that is rightfully theirs in a part of the world that is already impoverished.

For emphasis, Mulvaney quotes the green group saying that "at least some Somali pirates are believed to have been fishers who watched their stocks being plundered by fleets from around the world".

Wild bluefin tuna, cod and sturgeon, the source of caviar, have already become endangered species - top restaurateurs around the world are keeping the prized tuna off their menus to prevent further depletion.

Worse, Somali vessels engaged in such fishing also transport drugs and arms, which points to a deadly nexus.

Illegal fishers operate in sophisticated trawlers without licences in prohibited waters, in seasons when fishing is not allowed. imports over 100,000 tonnes of dates, making it one of the top markets for the fruit synonymous with the desert.

At a time when scandals and unseemly flare-ups are peeling off the army's veneer of incorruptibility, it is reassuring to know that even in the most trying circumstances, regimental wives have kept up the camaraderie between officers and the 'other ranks' by upholding social rituals fed on the recipes of the Raj and old issues of Woman and Home.

The Raj rituals are very much alive in the cantonments, where the commanding officer's chhoti hazari is timed with the early morning wake-up call of the buglers, where newly posted young officers are expected to 'call on' their seniors and 'beg leave' from the lady of the house before the allotted time is up, where chiffon-and-pearls 'coffee mornings', pagal gymkhanas and barakhanas provide the social glue to a community of disparate people thrown together into unfamiliar environs.

Kikky Sihota, who married into the 7th Light Cavalry in the mid- 1970s and later ran cookery schools for army wives, brings this world alive in the pages of A Memsahib Cooks: The Ultimate Army Cookbook.

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