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Amongst the pieces on display, visitors will be thrilled to see a couple of silver screen and red carpet dresses worn by talented actresses.

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As you make your way through the showcase, prepare to have your jaws involuntarily dropped and eyes widened in awe as you take in the pristine creations of the Italy’s finest.Is inspired by travels in the East Spring-Summer collection 2015 Raffaella Curiel presented at Alta Roma.Colors, impressions, memories of experiences in the first person with an added value: il made in Italy. I’ve previously said in reference to Chanel’s S/S 14 collection, that the oft-used, loosely-defined utterance of “Oh my god – it’s like ART! When I swanned off to haute couture to report for Dazed Digital though, my pre-packed outfits seemed to “channel” (another fashion phrase cliche that I’ve committed to the sin-bin) well… I want to let it be known that it was all sub-conscious packing that manifested itself in these cheesy outfit similes. But the most obvious postcard art – the pastel hues of Jean-Honoré Fragonard paintings, the post-WWI phase in Pablo Picasso’s portraiture and Roy Lichtenstein’s comic book graphic lines.Beth Postle’s pieces are probably the most art-esque in so much that they feel collectible and special at this early stage in her career (Postle is still pursuing her MA at Central Saint Martins).

The Rochas coat was my way of rooting for Marco Zanini at his debut at Schiaparelli and also happened to pair up nicely with an old favourite dress made by the lovely Angie Montreal of I Heart Norwegian Wood (longtime Style Bubble readers will know the story).

Note to self: must reach to back of closet more often to resurrect old pieces.

And yes, I’m still trying to make motocross happening.

Whenever we think of Italian fashion, a certain level of finesse comes to mind.

Finesse that basically seeps through every centimeter of their thread.

Irrefutably, Italian designers are lauded the world over for their impeccable attention to tailoring and quality, as much as for their keen sartorial eye that need not be questioned.

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