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And more than that, on Pentecost it was customary to anoint the doors and windows framework with garlic.Căluşul (Căluşarii, căluşeii, căluşerii) is an ancient Romanian ritual dance, presumed to date back to ancient times (according to some researchers it would descend from an initiation rite of the brotherhoods of the young warriors).

The young boys who will become căluşari "are chosen" long time ago, and they will choose a leader (the mute), they take an oath of allegiance and from that moment they will not tell anything of what is happening within their group.

The day of Pentecost, the căluşari dance first in the churchyard and then will go around the village, dancing in all the houses where they are received, as in the caroling tradition for Christmas.

The young men are dressed in special traditional costumes used for holidays, wearing bells at their foots, carrying an average height and thickness sticks, with which they beat the earth, raise them toward the sun, they jump, etc., saying words without any special meaning, being considered by linguists as esoteric ritual texts.

Meanwhile, the mute, "dressed" completely different from all the other (wearing a sheepskin, an animal skin, a "şubă", etc., but also a zoomorphic mask - usually wolf – and ribbons of different colors) performs disordered movements, leaving behind the regular rhythm of the other guys, he gets angry with the people who look at him, touch with the stick the girls and women from the "public", screaming and making various inarticulate sounds, meant to "scare" the audience that pretends to be afraid, flee, return and provoke the mute.

18 septembrie 1952, satul Bogâltin, comuna Cornereva, regiunea Severin [actualul județ Caraș-Severin], d. A studiat canto popular la Școala Populară de Artă.

3 aprilie 1997, Toronto, Canada) a fost o cântăreață română de muzică populară din regiunea Banat. A cântat încă din copilărie, în cadrul Casei de Cultură din Băile Herculane.

Primul ei șlagăr, constituind și debutul alături de Orchestra de muzică populară „Lazăr Cernescu” din Caransebeș, a fost piesa „Duce-m-aș și m-aș tot duce (La măicuța mea, la cruce)”, imprimată la Radio Timișoara în 1972.

În ciuda succesului radiofonic, cântecul a fost cenzurat de către autoritățile comuniste.

Cântăreața se specializează pe repertoriul bănățean. Continuă să colaboreze cu orchestra „Lazăr Cernescu” din Caransebeș (dirijată de Nicolae „Laci” Perescu), apoi se alătură orchestrei Banatul din Timișoara (aflată sub conducerea lui Gelu Stan).

The moment marks "the end" of the fifty days from Easter, which is why is also called the "Cincizecimea".

In other words, they are celebrated ten days from the Ascension of Jesus and fifty days from the Resurrection.

Now, according to the Christian faith, the Holy Spirit descends and Divinity expands in the Humanity.

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