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Among the first few activities that any new Power Point user undertakes is inserting a picture in their Power Point slide.To most of you, inserting pictures is mundane -- an activity that's simple.

You know that a picture located in any of your folders can be inserted on a slide.But, have you wondered about the relation a picture on the slide has with the original picture located in your folder?By default, Power Point retains no relation -- even if you delete or move the original picture file you inserted, the copy on your slide will still be retained since Power Point saves the picture as a part of the file it creates.However, there are options in Power Point that let you maintain the relation between the original picture and the inserted picture -- for example, you can make changes to your original picture and Power Point will update the copy on the slide!The advantage of this approach is that you can change pictures in your folder that have the same file names, and your slides get automatically updated with newer pictures.This approach also has a disadvantage: if you rename, delete, or move the picture file you linked from, then the picture on your slide won't be there!

Now that we have made you aware of the pros and cons, let us explore these options.Whenever you bring up the Insert Picture dialog box, either by clicking on the Insert Picture from File button in a Content placeholder -- or directly selecting the Insert tab | Picture option, you may typically just click the Insert button after selecting the picture to be inserted.But look closer - you will find a down-arrow next to the Insert button, highlighted in red in Figure 1.Figure 1: Down-arrow next to the Insert button Click this down-arrow to open a small menu that provides three different options to insert a picture as shown in Figure 2. Or do you want to know if your favorite keyboard shortcuts are documented?Figure 2: Insert Picture options Let us explore these options: Have your ever used keyboard shortcuts and sequences in Power Point? Go and get a copy of our Power Point Keyboard Shortcuts and Sequences E-Book.Power Point Keyboard Shortcuts and Sequences E-book Home | Power Point | Photoshop | Power Point Templates | Power Point Tutorials | Blog | Notes | Ezine | Advertise | Feedback | Site Map | About Us | Contact Us Link to Us | Privacy | Testimonials Power Point Backgrounds | Christian Power Point Backgrounds | Business Power Point Presentation Templates Plagiarism will be detected by Copyscape ©2000-2016, Geetesh Bajaj.