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Ileana says Dafne only goes out with him when it’s convenient. She'll take care everything so no one finds out, but Señora needs to hurry! He tells no one - not his mother or his best friend that he is married? I also think you are correct in that Art considers Esteban in low esteem because of Feo... I fear there will be do redemption if Sonia suceeds with her evil plans. She looked mighty uncomfy when Don Porfirio came out to greet the company. I fully expected a triangle since we've got that shot of the three of them during the entrada, but married? The whole Gaby in the airport scene reminded me of the final episode in season 1 when Rachel goes to pick up Ross after he's been in China and he comes back with a girlfriend. I thought you could see Bruno's marriage coming down the tracks. You can just bet that his wife is due to be bumped off, though, because TN writers will not allow a humiliated Gaby, the lead's best friend and confidante, to languish from unrequited love. You could also tell by Tita's hesitation that in the end the wife will be gone. She told Bruno in no uncertain terms that she would NEVER marry him, that he had no hope and to get out.Dafne thinks Ileana is jealous, since she’s suffering from a galan drought. When Tita finally arrives, Isa tells her she needs advice about Aranza. And putting her with Feo/drugs show she deserves nothing but terrible retribution. I fixed a few embarrassing grammatical and spelling errors (seriously? )tofie-I just love "punk ass" and I think of Art in these terms. To think that some 10 years later he would be pining like some Victorian heroine was stupid.

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She doesn’t remember telling Esteban she wanted to “do it” with him. Isa thinks everyone has gone off and gotten drunk at least once, but Gaby reminds her that leaving in the middle of the party was rude. Art calls and tells and tells her to get to Tita's house. That way Art would have picked up Bruno and Bride and could have told Isa who then could have told Gaby privately.

Then she starts falling all over herself and has to sit down. Esteban takes Aranza to his house to try and sober her up before taking her home. Esteban offers to drive the car to the University the next day. Then he fusses at Esteban and says he can’t trust him. Feo can’t sleep worrying about the outcome of his appeal which will be decided tomorrow. The little girl explains that Mari and El Borlas are like parents to them. It seems that Mari and El Borlas are selling “La mercancia” for Dante. He and Mari had to move and with deposits and other things they are a little strapped. Andrea was ready for bed, so I think that's why she didn't have much makeup on. I should probably go back and put this in the recap, but I want to go on record and say that I would be super, mega, híper enojada if my child was gone for ten years and didn't bother to visit once and then had the nerve to show up married. He knows he is Feo's son, but despite the fact that Esteban is nothing like Feo, in Art's mind, he equates him the same way. I hope she gets off that bike and gets to know Marianella and those kids. I'm on board with the rest of you now about Arturo.

"We love to mock here, don't mistake it for real hate." -- Chris Ferro "Come, let us gather together and suffer, sisters and brothers." -- Alice "This has got to be the sappiest, most mindless piece of crap that Televisa ever came up with! " -- riberajoe Aranza is still in the loud antro with Esteban. Being the complete caballero that he is of course he remembers. He has a surprise for her, but he’s not going to tell her what it is. He doesn't like to be called "baby." He can come and and go as he pleases. He can go his house if he wants to see a a slovenly woman. If it doesn’t work they will have to continue with The Plan. Mari explains that she and El Borlas take them off the street. Until she can behave herself like a responsible adult, he is taking away her car! Isa tells Aranza she will talk to him when he’s calmed down a little. Sales are going well, but El Borlas would still like some stock on credit. And if she is really going to start Aranza on cocaine she should get one of the most creative Karmageddons in novela history. You should always look your best when seeing an old flame for the first time in years. I think Art has put Esteban in a place in his mind the same as Feo. At least Esteban took her to his parent's house and not some hotel to take advantage of her. I like that she is giving out food to kids on the street. Putting Aranza in Feo's hands is about as dastardly as it gets.

Ara asks Esteban if he remembers what else they are celebrating this month besides her birthday. She says he should let her know when he's coming around. He says the next time Ara pulls that borracha crap he’s tossing her out on her keester. Art reminds her that they thought they were giving it to a responsible person, not some irresponsible, adolescent ding dong. Apparently the little shrew is more than happy to use Isa to get her way, but she’s barely civil the rest of the time. Andrea needs a bit more makeup; she still looks washed-out. Sonia looks cheap with her present hairstyle and dark roots. I too agree about Gaby's dress, the hair is better, but the clothes, not so much. Somebody is going to have to figure out who Mari really is, but that will probably take a while.

Dafne comes back with a new galan explaining that Cristian (galan #1) pitched a little fit and probably left…which is just what she’s going to do. He calls his dad (Mau.) Sonia’s Victor Borgia look-alike sugar daddy is getting ready to leave. That should hold her until the next time they see each other. Mau and Andy fuss at Esteban for not taking better care of Aranza. His cell mate asks him if they will continue with The Plan if he gets out. They had to leave since apparently the folks in the last place were gossipy and they snitched and called social services. Dante doesn’t get why he and Mari take care of 5 kids that aren’t even theirs. Tita is for sure the mystery biker giving food to street kids. I don't like it that they are mixed up with Gonzo and Dante. Oh, yes Tita was pithed about Bruno getting married and not telling her. He's a real idiot for not figuring out what's really up with his brat. When I first saw the kids I thought they were selling trinkets and things, not most likely, stolen goods and provided by Dante & Gonzo Tita Boooorn to Be Wiiiiild...

He returns later and is pithed that his kept lady is looking unkempt. ” It seems there are 5: Tlacoyo, Pipian, Chilaquil, La Pulga and the little girl Pimienta. Art doesn’t care if she was alone or with others, that doesn’t excuse her bad behavior. FFTita is advising Isa and Art when Bruno, Almudena and Gaby arrive. The overly pink makeup on Isabel isn't right either; she needs something more peach. I didn't like Ally's face when the dog approached her. Thanks for helping with some of that dialogue on the street.

He argues that he tried to stop her but she wouldn’t listen. El Borlas explains he doesn’t want the same thing to happen to them that happened to him and Mari. He reports he got some merchandise on credit and that Dante is a stand up guy. Excellent, thanks Sara with all the accents and fast talk I am struggling to keep up. and to have a code so she can keep all this secret. A mysterious biker comes by and drops of a bag of snacks. We see the Angeles de la Tierra patch and a flash of manicured nails and purplish hair. Isa tries to defend Aranza and reminds Art that Ara was with Esteban. They've been married 10 months, but they were living together for 5 years before that. Don Porfirio makes his entrance and Bruno asks when mom got a dog. "You were only supposed to be gone a short while and you were gone 10 years." What is getting me is how could Sonia have been calling every Sunday at 7 for 10 years and not been caught. Gabriela looks harder despite the improved hairstyle. I too felt so bad for Gaby, but ten years had passed. I guess Art didn't know Bruno had gotten married either. You should have figured that out.) Mari is suspicious Aranza is hung over and Art is still pithed about the night before. I guess Ara changed her tune in front of Isa all this time, and that hug Ara gave Isa was very telling, same old, same old, resentment. The boy must be La Pulga because he very intelligently replies that the person had a helmet on (Really, Mari. Too bad he hasn't realized she's been talking to the Mala Tia all this time! She is Art's problem, he created her by not getting her the counseling she so badly needed or spending enough time with her. Mari wonders why the motorcycle person didn’t show their face. I like the idea of him kicking Ara out, but we all know right where she'd go, don't we?Dante is going to give him that merchandise on credit and suggests the perfumes or purses (so I guess this is a counterfeit product kind of operation.) While El Borlas is there, Gonzo stops by and wants to know what happened with the merchandise. There’s going to be a raid and they need to get rid of all the goods. Reveal I gotta see Bruno I'm gonna go ahead and call it now. You pulled this stunt because you got rejected and couldn't get your way 10 years ago.