Pixomatic efficient online dating

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Pixomatic efficient online dating

I read the guy's blog too, but don't understand where this is coming from. Welcoming and appreciating reasonable criticism is the right attitude to have, but it's not the full story. I know, because I bear the psychic scars of a million online flamewars, dating all the way back to 300 baud dualup modems and BBSes. Something almost unimaginably powerful in its ability to shape human behavior. The silent treatment was a punishment I didn't fully understand until years later in life. Armed with these techniques, you might be able to prove that the bandersnatch problem is NP-complete and march into your boss's office and announce: I can't find an efficient algorithm, but neither can all these famous people. I don't see you wanting to quit blogging, so how do you deal with this? Your critics are your ones telling you they still love you and care. I don't have fantasies of waking up every day to an R. Those messages you're broadcasting out into the world are being received, in some form, by someone on the planet. this guy: The mystery of the non-reading Coding Horror reader. If you think something sucks to the extent that it's actively harming the world and you want it to go away, leaving comments to that effect is not the way. I'm here to tell you that there is something much more powerful than criticism that you can bring to bear in these situations. If some Web 2.0 blowhard says something stupid, just don't look. As punishments go, it must have been a doozy, though I couldn't quite wrap my geeky, socially maladjusted young head around exactly why. The theory of NP-completeness provides many straightforward techniques for proving that a given problem is "just as hard" as a large number of other problems that are widely recognize as being difficult and that have been confounding the experts for years.

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He said, when you're screwing up and nobody's saying anything to you anymore, that means they gave up. Criticism, painful though it may be, is still a conversation. Nothing personal, you understand, I'm sure she's a perfectly lovely person. To the Fitzgerald boys, the silent treatment was the worst possible punishment, far worse than a physical beating. And if you feel strongly enough about me and what I do here, you can begin by ignoring this. Problems like the one listed above certainly seem to be of this kind, but so far no one has managed to prove that any of them really are so hard as they appear, i.e., that there really is no feasible way to generate an answer with the help of a computer.

The "just don't look" strategy [is] effective in any situation where someone or something runs on attention. Leggy blonde conservative got your knickers in a knot? At the very least, this would inform your boss that it would do no good to fire you and hire another expert on algorithms.

On the web attention comes in the form of links and pageviews so "just don't look" translates roughly into "just don't link or read". Now you can spend your time looking for efficient algorithms that solve various special cases of the general problem. If you answered "yes" to any of the above, I am sorry to inform you that you may be a system administrator or IT professional.

If you don't like who's on the cover of Wired, just don't look. You might look for algorithms that, though not guaranteed to run quickly, seem likely to do so most of the time. But I do have one bit of potentially, at least theoretically good news for you: Server Fault is now in public beta!

I am absolutely sick to death of hearing about Susan Boyle, both in the traditional media and online. In fact, as an introverted kid who loved solitary activities like computers and reading more than anything, it seemed kind of like a .. I couldn't reconcile this feeling with the semi-biographical reality depicted in the books. Sure, you can approximate a solution, but an optimal solution requires so many calculations as to be infeasible, even with computers that operated at, say .. In fact, one of the outstanding problems in computer science is determining whether questions exist whose answer can be quickly checked, but which require an impossibly long time to solve by any direct procedure.

And if we could convince enough people to ignore her, she .. For a period of a week, or longer -- depending on the severity of the misbehavior -- nobody in the family would talk to, acknowledge, or address in any way, that particular boy. This didn't seem like much of a punishment to me. Joey: I want to see the one we always called the "Hell Paper" at Queen's -- the mandatory fourth-year paper. I know, I know, my track record with P=NP is hardly any better. NP completeness is one of the great unsolved mysteries in computer science; perhaps the best way to illustrate is through this xkcd cartoon: The defining characteristic of an NP-complete problem is that optimal solutions, using math and logic as we currently understand them, are effectively impossible.

In these books, there was a strange punishment the parents doled out to their children when they seriously misbehaved. I kept them all, and I'll show them to you tomorrow! Dating crazy people is one thing, but dating crazy people who claim to have proved P=NP is another matter entirely.

One of my favorite books as a child was the Great Brain series, the story of a family in rural Utah, set in the late 1800s.

Or you might even relax the problem somewhat, looking for a fast algorithm that merely finds designs that meet most of the component specifications. Server Fault is a sister site to Stack Overflow, which we launched back in September 2008.

Thus, the primary application of the theory of NP-completeness is to assist algorithm designers in directing their problem-solving efforts toward those approaches that have the greatest likelihood of leading to useful algorithms. It uses the same engine, but it's not just for programmers any more: ...

As with so many things in programming, the first step is learning enough to know when you're really screwed. then you're in the right place to ask your question!

Unfortunately for poor Joey, this sad corollary to NP-completeness apparently applies to dating, too. Well, as long as the question is about your servers, your networks, or desktops you support, anyway.

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