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In comparison, Nigerian-born British residents feature for the first time in a list of those born outside the UK with a population of 191,000.Professor Ludi Simpson, of University of Manchester, co-author of Sleepwalking to Segregation?

It shows that the questions are becoming increasingly difficult to answer."People are choosing not to identify as either Caribbean or Africa.Perhaps they’re saying I am black in some way, but it doesn’t matter where I’m from.Identity is more nuanced, but people might see it as less relevant as Britain becomes more diverse and people become more relaxed about multiculturalism.” Black communities were found in all regions, but the most significant populations were in London and the West Midlands – the two most ethnically diverse regions in England and Wales.In London, seven per cent of the population is Black African, and 4.2 percent is Caribbean.EARLY STATISTICS published in the 2011 Census has revealed the changing face of Britain’s black communities.

People who identify as Black African are now the majority group in Britain’s black community as opposed to those who identify as Black Caribbean.

In 2001, the Caribbean population outnumbered the African population but there has been a significant reversal.

Between 20, those who identified as Black Caribbean has stabilised at 1.1 percent, increasing nominally by only 29,204.

The Black African population has doubled from 0.8 percent to 1.7 percent, or from 484,783 to 989,628 nominally.

And those who identify as Black Other increased from 0.2 percent to 0.5 percent, with a total population of 28,437.

In terms of British residents born outside of the country, Jamaica - at three percent - represented the sixth biggest group born outside the UK in 2001.