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By default, e Bay product listing will use the Photo Size Medium configured for the product in your Volusion store.

If you host your product images externally, then the image specified in the Photo URL Small field will be used.Depending on your business model, you may want to make some or all of the available stock for a single product available to purchase through your e Bay listing.When someone purchases a product through an e Bay listing, the product's Stock Status and Quantity Available will be deducted when you click Complete Order on your store's order details page.If an order comes directly through your Volusion store, the Stock Status will be updated, but the Quantity to List cannot.Keep in mind that e Bay charges additional transaction fees any time you make updates to the product listing, including the Quantity to List.Once you've connected your e Bay seller account to your Volusion store, you can create e Bay listings using the products in your Volusion store.

You’ll be able to fulfill and ship all your orders – from your store and from e Bay – directly from the Review & Process Orders page in your Admin Area.

To get started, you'll need to connect your store with your e Bay seller account.

To make sure your products will be listed correctly, select the regional e Bay site where your seller account is set up.

Once you've selected your regional e Bay site, you can continue with the following steps.

To list your products on e Bay, you’ll need to change your e Bay account preferences to allow access from your Volusion store. Since you can create listings directly from products you've already set up in your store, Volusion makes it easy to list your products on e Bay.

Once your store has been granted access to your e Bay seller account, you can begin creating product listings! To get started, go to Marketing Note that you must create an individual listing for each option or option combination.

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