Online dating first date conversation advice

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Online dating first date conversation advice - fatmagul ep 96 online dating

A first date can be awkward enough as it is, but having to make conversation with your date, and you have to do this, can make it more awkward still.

You don't need to know about everything, but it is good to have a general idea of what is going on in the world, and if you can find a funny news story, even better.

News website Ananova has a ‘Quirkies' section which is worth checking out.

It is also worth brushing up on celebrity gossip as that can also be a good ice breaker.

It is worth preparing 4 or 5 topics that you can draw on if you need to for your first date conversation.

Note them down on paper and keep them handy, then if the conversation on your first date begins to dry up you will have something to turn to.

Ease into the conversation; ask your date about their journey to the date or about their job.

If you are at a restaurant, which is always a good idea for a first date, talk about the menu, food and wine. The middle of the first date is very important, you don't want to let the conversation dip and end up with uncomfortable silences and long pauses.Ask your date about themselves, what they like to do in their spare time or if they have travelled and where they have been.Listen with genuine interest and expand on what they say. If the conversation is beginning to waver then this might be a good time to tell them about the funny news story you saw.You probably will not even need the note, but having it there is good just in case your mind goes blank.Preparing conversation can also be very useful when it comes to chatting someone up, so the next time you're out and about and see someone you would like to get to know, why not try out some of your prepared conversation.Having a plan for your first date conversation might sound a little crazy, but it will help give you some confidence.

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