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Terms and conditions apply Noel Leeming also offers businesses a range of support services: PAYMENT OPTIONS We can customise payment options to suit your business needs (including account credit terms and operating lease).

He said in his proclamation that he wants the year to be a time for Catholics to contemplate just how merciful God has been to them and to understand better how they are called to be merciful to others in turn.He tangata ki tahi A man who speaks once There are two interpretations of this proverb.A person man who speaks once, referring to an authoritive figure who acquires instant response.Or a person who is a man of his word, says something and sticks to it.You can also pay the School Donation and Activity Fee online with Office Max when ordering your stationary - from December to February.Please note this facility is only available until the end of February.

The donation and Activity fees can then be paid directly to the school after this date.

Office Max My School has partnered with St Martins School to make shopping for school stationery quick and easy.

Prior to the start of each school year St Martins School loads the stationery lists for each syndicate onto the Office Max My School website.

Z Card can make managing your business's fuel costs easier.

You'll receive great benefits at service stations and truck stops across the country and have complete control over how you set up your cards.

You can require your drivers to enter odometer readings, set daily or monthly spend limits and choose what can be purchased on each card in addition to fuel, like car washes, coffee, or other supplies.