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I would echo colleagues from across the country who have correctly noted that a number does not tell the whole story.

We need to change the cultural norms and behaviors that lead to victimization.We will not tolerate sexual violence or other acts of sexual misconduct, and will take action to prevent and address these incidents.We also are continuing to build upon and strengthen our existing efforts to educate members of our campus community on sexual misconduct and gender-related issues, to provide a campus environment where victims of sexual misconduct feel comfortable in reporting their experiences and seeking help, and where all students feel confident that the university will respond promptly and fairly to investigate reports.It’s on all of us at IU to create a safer, more supportive and more inclusive climate for all members of the university community.Sexual assault is a serious issue on college campuses across the nation, and Notre Dame is not immune. The University has instituted a wide array of policies, programs, procedures and prevention efforts to address sexual misconduct of any kind, including bystander training, detailed definitions of consent, timely warnings, the administration of climate surveys, explanations of how to report sexual assault, and resources for medical assistance, counseling and pastoral care.Sexual assault is known nationally to be an under-reported crime.

We expected that our expanded efforts over the past five years to engage openly and honestly with students on this subject would lead to more reports, and that has proven to be true.Additional information is available at https://edu/Ball State University, through the efforts of many, many dedicated students and staff members, is working to create a campus environment in which students respect one another and aim for a goal of ending sexual violence.Through effective policies and widespread publicity, we have created a safe and responsive culture in which students can come forward to report to either confidential or non-confidential campus authorities. - As the world watches the aftermath of the Stanford rape case, some startling numbers are out on rapes reported on college campuses across the country. Department of Education found the University of Notre Dame tops the list of Indiana schools for the number of rapes reported on campus in 2014. Ball State University followed with 14 reports of rape and Indiana University Bloomington had 13.Several Indiana schools are on the list, but some advocates say the numbers mean more needs to be done here at home. "It says to me that not all cases are being reported.It says to me that people are afraid to come forward and talk about what`s happened to them," said Tracey Horth Krueger, Interim Director for the Indiana Coalition to End Sexual Assault (ICESA).

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