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*Adaptation and revision for online presentation of Chapter 3, “Petroleum Systems,” by Leslie B. Beaumont, in Exploring for Oil and Gas Traps, Edward A. Foster, eds., Treatise of Petroleum Geology, Handbook of Petroleum Geology, 1999, which may be purchased at AAPG Bookstore (This article discusses the concept and use of petroleum systems. Map showing the geographic extent of the fictitious Deer-Boar(.) petroleum system at the critical moment (250 Ma).

Two examples are given of a petroleum system, and application of the concept is described. Burial history chart showing the critical moment (250 Ma) and the time of oil generation (260-240 Ma) for the fictitious Deer-Boar(.) petroleum system. The pod of active source rock lies within the oil and gas windows. Thermally immature source rock lies updip of the oil window. The events chart showing the relationship between the essential elements and processes as well as the preservation time and critical moment for the fictitious Deer-Boar(.) petroleum system. The petroleum system is a unifying concept that encompasses all of the disparate elements and processes of petroleum geology.The pod of active source rock is downdip of the oil window. Practical application of petroleum systems can be used in exploration, resource evaluation, and research.This article discusses its application to petroleum exploration.A petroleum system encompasses a pod of active source rock and all genetically related oil and gas accumulations.It includes all the geologic elements and processes that are essential if an oil and gas accumulation is to exist.These essential elements and processes must be correctly placed in time and space so that organic matter included in a source rock can be converted into a petroleum accumulation.

A petroleum system exists wherever all these essential elements and processes are known to occur or are thought to have a reasonable chance or probability to occur.

A petroleum system investigation identifies, names, determines the level of certainty, and maps the geographic, stratigraphic, and temporal extent of a petroleum system.

The investigation includes certain components: To identify a petroleum system, the explorationist must find some petroleum.

Any quantity of petroleum, no matter how small, is proof of a petroleum system.

An oil or gas seep, a show of oil or gas in a well, or an oil or gas accumulation demonstrates the presence of a petroleum system.

The steps required to identify a petroleum system are: A unique designation or name is important to identify a person, place, item, or idea.

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