Manichem online dating

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Manichem online dating

For just a few moments after they broke down the door of Professor Charles Butler's London flat, Metropolitan Police officers wondered if they'd got the right man.

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The gaunt white-haired figure in front of them was dressed in a skin-tight white T-shirt and tight blue jeans, wearing hippy- style bands around his wrists and chain-smoking cigarettes.

All around the 64-year-old was what police would later describe as 'sado-masochistic sexual apparatus' - hoists and harnesses suspended from the ceilings, heavy duty rubber mats on the floors and beds, as well as copious amounts of hardcore gay pornography, sex toys and whips, plus a wardrobe filled with leather outfits on hangers.

Both bedrooms and the sitting room were taken over with thousands of pounds worth of equipment used, police believe, to host orgies.

In the kitchen, officers found an illegal hoard of ecstasy, cocaine, crystal meth, ketamine and cannabis, as well as disturbingly large quantities of the date rape drugs Rohypnol and GHB.

It was only when Butler spoke to confirm his identity that police officers were satisfied that it was really him. 'And the strange thing was that he almost seemed relieved that he'd been discovered.

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