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The Russian athletes looked like obvious favourites of the tournament.We did not notice any buzz before the start of the competitions, though the tickets were quite affordable.

It is clear the spectators paid special attention to the Russian athletes.

The latter, by the way, will have additional support because she is from Kazan.

To tell the truth, these four athletes participated out of competition.

The national squad of Russia also comprised of a big coaching staff headed by the President of the International Federation of Gymnastics (FIG) Irina Vinger.

By the way, these competitions are one of the latest before the Summer Olympic in Rio de Janeiro.

The gymnasts will fight for the right to participate in the major contest occurring every four years.

The platform was not laid level with the floor like before.

The platform was 90 cm higher to make the athletes feel the 'spirit' of the Olympiad.

Fans did their best supporting Russian and foreign gymnasts, in spite of the fact that the stands were not full to the gills The first competition day started with the individual programme.

The World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships started in Kazan on 8 July.

The capital of Tatarstan can become a gymnastics as well as aquatics capital.

Realnoe Vremya tells about the first day of the individual competition and the programme of the contest for the next two days.

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