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Get accurate and easy control with the G300S optical gaming mouse from Logitech.

This one handles as well as the old one, although one night the left button was making a clicking sound (? It is within the budget for the price compared to all the other gaming mouse I've seen that are like to 0, but this one is worth it if you're into some fps games like CS: GO, for example.

If you don't want to spend over and wanted a gaming mouse, then I would recommend this one, as long as it's comfortable for you. Very comfortable in hands, lots of customization, and works well on my mac (All functionality after i located the logitech OSX software from their website). I got mine with a [price] sale but even still its a terrific mouse. Ergonomics are excellent, every button is reachable and the LED lighting is the icing on the cake. I do a lot of flying in LM P3D Flight sim and with my previous track ball and other mouse I could not operate the airplane controls without taking my hand off of the Joystick.

I got this mouse because it was arranged for both left hand and right hand operation. If you need more buttons or have big hands, choose another mouse.

IT does this job well and offers precise pointing in the cockpit, with my right hand, while using TIR as the head tracking device. I have found over the last two years, that this mouse works well for me. Nice looking led (you can select the color), cheap Cons. Too small, keep pressing one of the left small buttons accidentally while playing a game. I've been using this mouse for almost 2 years, and as a somewhat ambidextrous person, it works great with both hands.

I like the LED and the mouse fits perfectly in my hand (mens medium to large). The main thing I bought it for was League of Legends, which it works great on.

A minor issue that a left-hand version isn't available (my wife's a lefty). Once set up, its responsive, tactile (in a good way) and feels like a very classy, well engineered piece of kit.

The backlighting is both unobtrusive and effective - as good as the best Lenovo laptop keyboards I've used.

As stated, I have 2 of these - bought at different times, which is the highest accolade I can give.

Using the keyboard overcomes any issues with setup - which after all, only needs to happen once. NICE, SLIM KEYBOARD FOR SMART TV OR COMPUTER I bought this keyboard for my Samsung smart TV.

All the buttons can be set to custom commands (in game and for standard usage), for example I have the two right buttons used for copy and pasting.

It's much faster than right clicking each command or using a keyboard, and I have trouble using other mice as I'm so used to the convenience of this one.

On the plus side, it comes with a "Unifying" dongle - on the down side, one of my units (I own and use 2 of these) wasn't paired to the dongle, meaning I had to install Logitech software for pairing purposes.

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