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The journal addresses various types of solid wastes including municipal (e.g., residential, institutional, commercial, light industrial), agricultural, and special (e.g., C and D, health care, household hazardous wastes, sewage sludge).is designed for scientists, engineers, and managers, regardless of their discipline, who are involved in scientific, technical and other issues related to solid waste management. These approaches require the blending of technical and non-technical factors.

Read more is an international journal devoted to the presentation and discussion of information on the generation, prevention, characterization, monitoring, treatment, handling, reuse and ultimate residual disposition of solid wastes, both in industrialized and in economically developing countries.

Although the dissemination and application of innovative technical information is extremely important, the implementation of sustainable waste management practices also requires a thorough understanding of the pertinent legal, social, economic, and regulatory issues involved.

The journal strives to present a mix of subject matter that will best serve to help the reader understand the breadth of issues related to solid waste management.

The following are some of the major areas in which papers are solicited:• Generation and characterization • Minimization• Recycling and reuse• Storage, collection, transport, and transfer• Treatment (mechanical, biological, chemical, thermal, other)• Landfill disposal (including design, monitoring, remediation of old sites)• Environmental considerations • Financial and marketing aspects • Policy and regulations • Education and training• Planning and implementation.

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