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While in detention, they all play and sing along together with a jingle on the radio. At first, they have trouble agreeing on music, but soon learn to work together and get along.The group decides to play at the Halloween Bash, but many students who are fans of Mudslide Crush, another band at the school, do not want the group to do the Bash.

Mo, Charlie and Stella get involved to defend Olivia and Stella spits a mouthful of lemonade into Ray's face.Ray calls Stella "lemonade mouth" and thus, the group takes "Lemonade Mouth" as their band name.Before the Bash, the lemonade machine that inspired the band is taken away as part of an agreement with a sports drink company that is sponsoring the school's new gym.This angers the band, and they decide to fight the decision.At the Bash, many of the students are surprised at Lemonade Mouth's music when they take the stage because the band uses instruments like trumpets and ukuleles.The bandmates develop friendships and bonds with each other when they arrive at Olivia's house to console her after her cat dies.

They gradually open up to one another about their problems: Stella thinks she's stupid and has problems with her parents, Wen's father will be marrying his much-younger girlfriend, Mo, an immigrant from India, feels that she doesn't belong, and Charlie's twin brother died at birth.Olivia reveals that her mother and father had sex when they were in high school, and Olivia's mother, who never loved or wanted her, left Olivia's father, Ted, to raise his daughter by himself until he was convicted of armed robbery and manslaughter. With new trust and friendship, the band becomes successful, getting on the radio and performing at a restaurant.However, things go downhill when Stella's ukulele breaks, Wen injures his lip, Charlie burns his hand, Olivia loses her voice, and Mo gets sick.Heart Full Of Books Just ask yourself what two things would make ‘The Breakfast Club’ a better movie. Oh, ‘Lemonade Mouth’ has both of those things set in detention, sign me up!After watching the Disney Channel Original Movie, a title screen that will warm my heart for the rest of my days, I just had to get my hands on the book.I was mega disappointed that Mo and Charlie didn’t get together in the film, but finding out their relationship was canon was literally the best thing to happen to me since … She reached out and touched my cheek, staring right into my eyes, and kissed me. It was a real kiss, soft gentle and quiet, the kind that gets your blood rushing and your head spinning, and when it was done I just stood there, surprised, looking at her, focusing on every inch of her face.