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But now in October 2015, Hinrichsen announces the implementation of his idea: "Christoph Wick, my former master student, and I developed a software and tested it in a double-blind study in cooperation with Professor Andreas C.Lehmann from the Würzburg University of Music." The test was successful.

Available for free download, the software is easy to operate and runs on all standard devices, even on smartphones and tablet computers," Hinrichsen says.filter frame, dimensions (L/W/H): 280 x 175 x 165 mm, weight: 0.80 kg to the product Showtec Showdesigner 1024 Showtec Showdesigner 1024 - compact versatile moving light controller, 1024 DMX Channels, 2 photoelectric isolated outputs, freely assignable channels, easy programming, large LCD display, 100-240V AC~50/60Hz, 40W, 32 fixtures (32 channels each), 48 simultaneous scenes, 48...For the purpose of contributing to a clarification of the term “process”, different kinds of musical processes are investigated: A rule-determined phase shifting process in Steve Reich's Piano Phase (1966), a model for an indeterminate composition process in John Cage's Variations II (1961), a number of evolution processes in György Ligeti's In zart fliessender Bewegung (1976), and a generative process of fractal nature in Per Nørgård's Second Symphony (1970).In conclusion I propose that six process categories should be included in a typology of processes: Rule-determined, goal-directed and indeterminate transformation processes, and rule-determined, goal-directed and indeterminate generative processes.Using software to tune a piano: Two physicists from the University of Würzburg are making this happen.They have made their tool "Entropy Piano Tuner" available for free download on the Internet.

"Piano tuners facing unemployment": That was the media headline a few years ago after some had gotten wind of the new idea from Würzburg.

Professor of physics Haye Hinrichsen had claimed in a publication that the physical quantity of entropy, which is a measure of a system's disorder, should be useful for tuning a piano.

There was, however, a catch to it: At the time, it had only been an idea and no real piano had actually been tuned using this "new method".

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