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However, it could run only on the Ne XT; Nicola Pellow therefore created a simple text browser that could run on almost any computer called the Line Mode Browser.

This date is sometimes confused with the public availability of the first web servers, which had occurred months earlier.

In 1980, Tim Berners-Lee, an English independent contractor at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Switzerland, built ENQUIRE, as a personal database of people and software models, but also as a way to play with hypertext; each new page of information in ENQUIRE had to be linked to an existing page.

Berners-Lee's contract in 1980 was from June to December, but in 1984 he returned to CERN in a permanent role, and considered its problems of information management: physicists from around the world needed to share data, yet they lacked common machines and any shared presentation software.

Shortly after Berners-Lee's return to CERN, TCP/IP protocols were installed on some key non-Unix machines at the institution, turning it into the largest Internet site in Europe within a few years.

As a result, CERN's infrastructure was ready for Berners-Lee to create the Web.

Berners-Lee found an enthusiastic supporter in Robert Cailliau.

Berners-Lee and Cailliau pitched Berners-Lee's ideas to the European Conference on Hypertext Technology in September 1990, but found no vendors who could appreciate his vision of marrying hypertext with the Internet.the Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML), the first Web browser (named World Wide Web, which was also a Web editor), the first HTTP server software (later known as CERN httpd), the first web server ( and the first Web pages that described the project itself.The browser could access Usenet newsgroups and FTP files as well.Join us for a Facebook Live chat with American Honey star Sasha Lane on Monday, Sept. Creating a Persona Bringing the Person to Life on Social Media Faking Realistic Communication Community Q&A Creating a fake relationship can be useful if you feel the need to deflect attention from the fact that you're single.It can also be useful as a way of deflecting attention from a relationship you feel the need to hide, such as a gay relationship in a conservative culture. It takes some commitment, almost as much as the real thing.

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