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"I'm not exactly sure why," Edwards said on Friday afternoon when asked why the bottom lane was best in practice."There might be some slight differences with the Goodyear tires, but probably the best reason or most likely reason for that is that we haven't put a lot of rubber down on the track yet, and it just seems like this place moves around a lot. I don't think that the race will be run on the bottom like that.

I don't know if it will happen today or all the way where we might have to wait until Sunday for it."(NASCAR Wire Service)(4-16-2016) Rusty Wallace Named Grand Marshal for Food City 500: NASCAR Hall of Famer and former driver/sports analyst, Rusty Wallace has been named Grand Marshal for the April 17 Food City 500 at Bristol Motor Speedway.

A reader in Australia named Santina is teaching herself to can.

She wrote: "I'm in Australia and canning isn't as widely used as it is in the US.

I had a friend help me get started but once I got the pressure canner I exceeded her expertise." Santina wanted to can -- meatloaf!

Her question for me was whether or not Worcester sauce could be used in the recipe (answer: yes), and I sent her a list of canning no-no's from my FAQ ebook on the subject.

Bottom line, she canned up 14 pints of meatload and sent me some photos of her success.

From her description, it sounds like she did everything right -- including leaving out the breadcrumbs since flour products shouldn't be canned.Light attendance at Bristol's Cup race: A crowd estimated at 90,000 attended the (Sprint Cup Series) race (at Bristol) despite near-perfect weather conditions of 72 degrees and sun.(Bristol Herald Courier) AND Everything was there for a great Food City 500 race weekend at Bristol Motor Speedway except the crowds.NASCAR quit putting out official attendance figures a few years ago and track officials quit commenting on them around the same time, but from the eyeball test, the Bristol Motor Speedway looked around a third full for Sunday's Sprint Cup Series race.The crowd was even more sparse for Saturday's Xfinity Series race and the Friday qualifying crowd was virtually non-existent.The Sunday crowds were clearly better than the last two years for the spring race when March and then April showers not only brought May flowers but washed away race fans.But, this weekend had perfect weather and a great Xfinity Series race leading into the Food City 500 (Johnson City Press)(4-18-2016) Bristol Driver Song Selections: Bristol Motor Speedway has always featured the most unique driver introductions on the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series circuit, but 2016 takes it to a whole new level with the addition of Colossus TV.