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Back at SHIELD, Simmons is now safely inside HQ, and she seems to be doing pretty well, healthwise at least.Her body had gotten used to being on another planet – different gravity, different atmosphere – but it seems like her being overwhelmed by sound is the bigger issue.

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Coulson wants to call Garner in to check her out before anything else.Daisy wants to get a hold of Lincoln since he’s being hunted by the ATCU, but Mack seems to think he doesn’t doesn’t want their help.Daisy insists that he NEEDS their help, so Coulson lets it slip that the know exactly where and how to contact him.Lincoln gets a call from her roughly half an hour after buying a new phone, which freaks him out a little.She tries to get him to come in, but he hangs up on her, smashes the phone, and burns the tracker Mack planted on him.Lance and May are working the HYDRA infiltration angle by looking for someone to buy their weapons.

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    Of course you'll have the option to opt out of these announcements.

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