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The Panasonic GH2 right out of the box performs as well and exceeds the image quality of some the more famous DSLR alternatives for Video.Vitaliy Kiselev hacked the GH1 back in its day to well exceeds it’s software / firmware limitations and earlier this year he has managed to crack the encryption on the GH2. It does look great under stock settings as it is but if you consider the hack enables the ability to film more detail and resolution, especially for film, there is a lot to gain from the boost in quality.

-Ability to allocate data towards Motion vs still scene detail quality.

-Higher Bit-rate for Audio, Boost audio quality from 192,000bps to 440,000bps -Unlocked ISO up to 12,800k enables you to shoot in extreme dark conditions or overcome a slow lens Step 1 : — The 32gig (45mbs) Sandisk card will get the job done but as you use higher quality patches you will notice your recording time is going to go down considerably somtimes down to even 30min or less.

If you need the extra time go for the 64gig (45mbs).

I would say just shell out the extra cash for the 64gig because sooner or later you will want to film with the top notch patches.

If you need more help than just hacks and patching check out The Panasonic GH2 Guide For Filmmakers (its free) for things like how to pick an SD card and Audio Tips.

Check out Keryx, it's an offline repository manager. It lets you download updates and new programs (with dependencies) to your flash drive.

Its interface is similar to synaptic but it works from a pendrive (it doesn't need installation).Unfortunately, the GUI needs wxwidgets, which don't come preinstalled on Ubuntu (they're cross-platform and installable from here and ubuntu repository here).It can only install software in a Ubuntu system, but you can download the updates or new packages in any Linux, Windows or OS/X. Another detailed step-by-step tutorial in this answer. A screenshot: A USB repository If you have a decent sized USB stick - assuming around 4-8Gb (or external hard drive) you can set up a custom copy of the Ubuntu repository and configure that as a local repository as covered in Apt Get/Offline/Repository on help.To get the actual package files (the files), I suggest using Only include the repository sections you want.Here is a simple example that copies the binary files from all 4 sections (main, restricted, universe and multiverse) as well as the latest bug fixes.# apt-mirror configuration file ## ## The default configuration options (uncomment and change to override) ## # set base_path /tmp/ubuntumirror # ## Repositories to copy from - ## use a mirror so you don't overload the main server!!!