Hidden camera young sex

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Two Hi-8 cameras concealed under diving blocks capture these sixteen naked, drunken marines running around the perimeter of an indoor training tank, hurling volleyballs at each other's heads.

Unaware of the nine digital video cameras hidden everywhere, these guys strip, suit up for the gym, return all dog-tired and pumped-up, strip again and horse around on their way to the showers.Hidden cameras in Canadian Army men's locker room and showers with two Army bases filled with naked Canadian guys.Manitoba Mule Team was shot by an enlisted man during a six-month TDA with the use of a hi-definition pin-hole colour cam.Relax The Muscle 2 has minimally edited footage of young enlisted men in their most vunerable state.Three naked young Marines, four concealed cameras, and three individual real-time medical examinations - plus one very thorough MD.there is a stalwart 30 year-old square-jawed football playing Marine with a very healthy pecker on him. Each Marine grits his teeth and allows himself to be probed and handled, all in the name of medical science. A muscular father of three with a fat hairless penis.

In Relax The Muscle 3, three more Marine lads are made to get naked from the get-go, thanks to the well-imbursed M. Three sturdy American straight men, all of whom would obviously rather be anywhere else, submit to a standard medical going-over by a Navy M. A sturdy black imported Navy man with a sexy West Indies accent.

In Shoddy Government Plumbing, three out of five of the shower heads in the G. shower room are totally fucked, meaning that half of the naked jarheads in the shower room have to stand there, bare-ass naked in front of their buddies and just wait for a shower that works.

Tension Rod Adjustment is a boner festival with thick heterosexual dicks in various states of arousal.

Plenty of footage of straight guys, shot mostly from the neck down, and buffed enlisted men, casually tugging their semi-erect tools in front of each other in the showers.

No actors in That Guy Who Drops The Soap, just actual Marines in real military locales.

This is a first look at the United States Marine Corps So Cal Wrestling Club.